The 533 Ordnance Album

By, Gary Dwyer

__tn_VMA (aw) 533 Patch.jpg


Another day closer.jpg

Armed and dangerous.jpg

At the shop placing a Rockeye.jpg

__tn_VMA (aw) 533 Patch


Another day closer

Armed and dangerous

At the shop placing a Rockeye

Back at the shop.jpg

Boyer and Eshelman.jpg

Boyer and Savage.jpg

Boyer having fun.jpg

Boyer taking them away.jpg

Back at the shop

Boyer and Eshelman

Boyer and Savage

Boyer having fun

Boyer taking them away

Butterball thinking.jpg

Butterball wasting beer.jpg

chow hall.jpg

Dale Hendry and guys.jpg

Dave (butterball) Kline.jpg

Butterball thinking

Butterball wasting beer

chow hall

Dale Hendry and guys

Dave (butterball) Kline

Doc is happy.jpg

Doc Savage.jpg

Doc with Dolgin's hat.jpg

Doc's final check.jpg

Dolgin trading places.jpg

Doc is happy

Doc Savage

Doc with Dolgin's hat

Doc's final check

Dolgin trading places

Dolgin where is my hat.jpg

Dolgins in charge.jpg

down time at the shop.jpg

down time.jpg


Dolgin where is my hat

Dolgins in charge

down time at the shop

down time


Dwyer and Flood.jpg

Dwyer and his ride.jpg

Dwyer at home.jpg

Dwyer fixing lugs.jpg

Dwyer going home party.jpg

Dwyer and Flood

Dwyer and his ride

Dwyer at home

Dwyer fixing lugs

Dwyer going home party

Dwyer thinking.jpg

Dwyer working on the mer.jpg


Eshelman done for the day.jpg

Eshelman lining them up.jpg

Dwyer thinking

Dwyer working on the mer


Eshelman done for the day

Eshelman lining them up

Eshelman looking back.jpg

Eshelman with Dolgin's hat.jpg

F-4 on the move.jpg

Flood going home.jpg

Flood leaving Nam Phong.jpg

Eshelman looking back

Eshelman with Dolgin's hat

F-4 on the move

Flood going home

Flood leaving Nam Phong


Gary( Flash) Flood.jpg

George with a bigger hamer.jpg

grunt for the day.jpg

Happy Boyer.jpg


Gary( Flash) Flood

George with a bigger hamer

grunt for the day

Happy Boyer

Hawk Roost.jpg

hoping it doesn't go bang.jpg

in ground swimming pool.jpg

It doesn't get any better.jpg

It's time for a Bud.jpg

Hawk Roost

hoping it doesn't go bang

in ground swimming pool

It doesn't get any better

It's time for a Bud


Kilroy (Savage) was here.jpg


Laying back.jpg

Loading sta 5.jpg


Kilroy (Savage) was here


Laying back

Loading sta 5

loading the centerline.jpg

locking 500lbs bombs in.jpg

Lt Dolgin giving orders.jpg

Lt Dolgin on top.jpg

Never forget.jpg

loading the centerline

locking 500lbs bombs in

Lt Dolgin giving orders

Lt Dolgin on top

Never forget

Not so happy Dwyer.jpg

Ord[1].'s drill team.jpg

Ord[1].'s home sweet home.jpg

Ordnance pg 2.jpg


Not so happy Dwyer

Ord[1].'s drill team

Ord[1].'s home sweet home

Ordnance pg 2


Our stuff.jpg

Outside plumbing.jpg

packing up to go.jpg


Pocket guide.jpg

Our stuff

Outside plumbing

packing up to go


Pocket guide

Prepping 500 bombs.jpg


Quality time.jpg

racking bombs.jpg

Radcliffe 2.jpg

Prepping 500 bombs


Quality time

racking bombs

Radcliffe 2


reading tech manual.jpg

ready to load.jpg

Returning fom a mission.jpg

Rockeyes armed and ready to go.jpg


reading tech manual

ready to load

Returning fom a mission

Rockeyes armed and ready to go

Savage & Dwyer.jpg

Savage and Dolgin checking it.jpg

Savage on the move.jpg

Savage prepping.jpg

shaking out Rockeyes.jpg

Savage & Dwyer

Savage and Dolgin checking it

Savage on the move

Savage prepping

shaking out Rockeyes

snappin 500's in the rack.jpg

Spicer and Friends.jpg

Spicer at work '72.jpg

Spicer happy.jpg

Spicer looking back.jpg

snappin 500's in the rack

Spicer and Friends

Spicer at work '72

Spicer happy

Spicer looking back

Spicer wounded.jpg

Spring training.jpg

streets paved with gold.jpg

taking a break.jpg

Terhune trying to rest.jpg

Spicer wounded

Spring training

streets paved with gold

taking a break

Terhune trying to rest

the days delivery to our shop.jpg

The gang sends greetings.jpg

The Gang.jpg

The shop area.jpg

There is no place like home.jpg

the days delivery to our shop

The gang sends greetings

The Gang

The shop area

There is no place like home

Top Conley and Phaby.jpg

Top Lake.jpg


view from our shop.jpg

Waiting for their turn.jpg

Top Conley and Phaby

Top Lake


view from our shop

Waiting for their turn

We slept good at night knowing.jpg

Well wishers.jpg

working in the rain.jpg

Writing home.jpg


We slept good at night knowing

Well wishers

working in the rain

Writing home