The Cyrogenics Album

Photos by Bob Noe and A.B. Jennings

1st Hooch being unloaded.jpg

A-6's being armed.jpg

A-6's with 500 Lb'ers.jpg

Afternoon Flyby.jpg

And you complain about leftovers.jpg

1st Hooch being unloaded

A-6's being armed

A-6's with 500 Lb'ers

Afternoon Flyby

And you complain about leftovers

Dinner with the locals.jpg

Duty Driver.jpg

Early days at Nam Phong.jpg

F-4 taking off.jpg

Filling nitrogen cylinders.jpg

Dinner with the locals

Duty Driver

Early days at Nam Phong

F-4 taking off

Filling nitrogen cylinders

Graveyard Shift preparation.jpg

Living conditions not ideal.jpg

Looking back at living area.jpg

Looking toward bomb dump.jpg

Looking towards mainside.jpg

Graveyard Shift preparation

Living conditions not ideal

Looking back at living area

Looking toward bomb dump

Looking towards mainside

Lox Plant making liquid oxygen.jpg

MAC C-141 after landing.jpg

New Hooches.jpg

Open air shower stall.jpg

Our living quarters.jpg

Lox Plant making liquid oxygen

MAC C-141 after landing

New Hooches

Open air shower stall

Our living quarters

Preventive maintenance.jpg

Regenerator side.jpg

Remember those cots.jpg

Setting up to run.jpg


Preventive maintenance

Regenerator side

Remember those cots

Setting up to run


Thai troops.jpg

Turbo exchanger side.jpg




Thai troops

Turbo exchanger side