What is this Nam Phong thing all about? I’ve never heard of it.


That is the point, hardly anyone has heard about Nam Phong.  This was a originally a Royal Thai Air Base used for training. In 1972, Task Force Delta was relocated  there from Danang Vietnam.  There is little official documentation on this base.


What about “The Rose Garden” ?


When the Marines set up operations in Nam Phong, there was nothing more than an airstrip and a couple buildings. It was primitive and dismal. No showers, running water, or toilets. Not even a mess hall. One of the current recruiting mottos used during this time was “We Don’t Promise you a Rose Garden”.  RTAB Nam Phong was nicknamed the Rose Garden.


Why was this Web Site started?


I was looking at an auction site and ran across some of the MPC script they used to pay us with instead of money while in Vietnam.  I got thinking about  Nam Phong and started looking for people who I served with there and any other information.

I found very little information and finally located a couple of other Vets. We emailed each other for a while, but it got to be pretty cumbersome to try to keep in touch.


To try to streamline things, I looked into starting a Newsgroup. That was a waste of time; the “Internet Gods” would not approve it.


Then came the User Group in Yahoo.  This made things a lot easier for me. A few members asked about a web site.   Here we are.


Why, not Nam


Because of naming conventions used, I thought would be easier to people to find than (note the underscore).


Why not


Most people are used to a   .com extension, just thought it would be easier.


I want to add something to the site, how can I do this?


Go to the user group and add  your stories, pictures or suggestions.


Who can join the User Group?


Anyone can currently join, Veterans, friends or family.


What can’t I post in the User Group?


Since the Group is intended to be Veteran and family orientated,  I will accept mild profanity, (talk the talk) stuff, but nothing totally offensive, like casualty pictures or gratuitous nudity. What members share directly with other consenting members is no business of mine.


Building a Web Site and maintaining a User Group must take a lot of time and money, what does it cost to join?




Are you nuts?