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My name is David Duda and I am looking for any information on Doug Johnson or Johnston who was with me at the Rose Garden from April 1973 through August 1973.  Also looking for anyone who remembers the terrific thunder and lightening storms we had then.

Looking for anyone who was in VMGR-152 1970-1975. Bruce Raniella E-mail me at crankybaby729@aol.com.

Anyone working in supply at Namphong?  Also looking for Kyle Mason, Monty
Handley.  Mason & Handley were also stationed with me in El Toro, Ca.
Contact Rick Kirchoff rkirchoff@gmail.com

Bowen,James (Sgt).  He was from Georgia.  Served with him at MAG-14 S-3 Section.  I last saw him at  MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.  He was with VMFA-115 S-3 Section. I was with VMFA-232.  We left for Cubi Point.  I have not seen or heard from him since.  If you have any information please contact Santo Adamo at chief45@forspeed.com

BROWN, John, LCpl from DPP.  Last heard from one in Ann Arbor, MI, the other from Bridgeport, CT.contact me (Tom Bailey, Sgt) at zorakandson@earthlink.net

Conley, K.R. MSgt. HDennis500@aol.com

Cox, Bob, Last known address Las Vegas. Contact Lynn Savage lsavage@dlis.dla.mil  

Dubinski, Steve, 1LT,  Contact Kyle Mason kmace599@hotmail.com

Dwyer, Gary. Last known address Ohio.Contact Lynn Savage lsavage@dlis.dla.mil

I served with a Tom Garrison in Viet Nam. He was from Florida. How can I
reach him? Thank you.

Dave Costello
24 Hanover Hills Ct.
St. Charles, MO
(636) 947-7640

Goulding,Paul,  Served with him with VMFA 115 @ the Rose Garden, If memorie holds true , he was  with Com Nav... cant swear to it........I do know he was from around Royal  Oak Park , Mich. lost track after he rotated in 73.Contact Tom Stearns (AKA Snake)   wingnutzz@hotmail.com    or 906 786 8586

September 2006: Looking for members of H&MS 15, Com/Nav W/C-610.   P.D. Jones, Terry Tarver, Mike Morris, Charlie Buitt, Bob Bradshaw, "Swannie" or any others. We all were at at CP, H&MS-14 then the RG and then parts unknown? Where are you guys? If you find this site contact John "Tag" Tagmyer @ fedcop18@comcast.net

FOUND !! Hedenland, Steve, last know location was MCAS Yuma, Possibly a career Marine... Havent seen or heard sence the mid 70's    He was in Hydraulics shop during his earlier years. Contact Tom Stearns (AKA Snake) wingnutzz@hotmail.com    or 906 786 8586

FOUND !! Jennings, A.B. . Originally from Lubbock Tx. Last heard from him was a letter he wrote when he got back to Rose Garden.            Yes, he requested and  went back from Cherry Point. Contact Bob Noe  bob.noe@meramec.com

Kline David (aka Butterball) of  VMA 533 Ordinance.  Returned to US early 1973 I think and discharged in late 1973. Resided in upstate NY. Gentle giant. Also looking for Carl George who resided in Maryland. In 533 Ordinance at NamPHong as well.  Discharged in 1974 I believe as well.  Any help would be appreciated.  Contact Gary Flood harley50@attbi.com  

Looking for ALL 7011's & 0751's ( L&R Techs & Crash Crewmen ) that were stationed In Danang, RVN & Nam Phong, Thailand 1972-1973. Email me at CIASpook02119@Aol.Com,,,,,,

LOUGHMILLER, R. Tom, Sgt. From San Antonio, TX (last seen in Camp Foster, Okinawa).…and any other of the guys from the Data Processing Platoon, contact me (Tom Bailey, Sgt) at zorakandson@earthlink.net

 Leandro, LCpl Manuel"RATSO", MABS 15 Communications, from Newark New Jersey I think. Contact Ron Warren               warren@mail.tigernet.gen.mo.us

MACDANIELS, Ormund, PFC, from Crozet, VA. contact me (Tom Bailey, Sgt) at zorakandson@earthlink.net


Medford, MSGT MWHS-15 Contact Kyle Mason kmace599@hotmail.com

Miller from MABS 15. Contact Thomas Rakes throughcut@aol.com  

Olsen,Edward A. VMFA-232. Last known address Glascow,Montana, Contact James Smith dandjsmi@bellsouth.net

Quails R.C. Sgt. HDennis500@aol.com


FOUND!! Ooh Rah Devil Dogs- I finally found CWO III Richard R. Rossi - He is a tech Rep for the Recovery Gear. He is in Yuma, Arizona at this time.Sent him a email & patiently awaiting for his response. Still looking for L&R Tech's ( 7011's) from the periods of 1970 - 1975.

CWO IV Richard Rossi..CO of L&R ( LAunch & Recovery...MCAS El Tore, DaNang, Rose Garden & Lastly beautiful Bogue Field, North Carolina...I was his Duty Driver @ Bogue, He affectionately called me " ChiChi" ...Gunner you can reach me @ CIASpook02119@Aol.Com or 561-242-5365 or 561-358-9424...any time 24-7 ..If anyone knows his whereaabouts contact me please...Semper Fi...Carlos Rodriguez...Sr.Vice Commandant, Vandegrift Det, Marine Corps League of the Palm Beaches, Florida

Schultz, John Cpl. VMA(AW)-533 fire Control. Contact Bob at bobtobiekris@worldnet.att.net  . Also looking for "Fritz".

Wheeldon, D.A. HDennis500@aol.com

Willams, Mike of the 3rd herd task force delta sec.elm. Last time I heard he lived in Marreta Ga: next Ala. Ga . Contact  Mike Welch Horsetrainer1154@aol.com  

Williams, Daniel, from  Vinus CA.  PFC Comm Section MABS 15. Contact Thomas Rakes throughcut@aol.com

Youngblood, Theodore (Pete), Capt, USMC  I am trying to locate  anyone knowing or stationed with Pete Youngblood or

Bob Hays.  MABS-15 / MAG-15 / H&MS-15  Last known duty station:  Marine Reserve, Memphis, TN.  I&I Staff, Motor

Officer  Please contact TSgt Jerry Youngblood @  jerry.youngblood@gasava.ang.af.mil

ZACHARIAS, Bob, SSgt  Computer FE Was from Hawaii, rotated out in 72 or 73.contact me (Tom Bailey, Sgt) at zorakandson@earthlink.net

 Looking for these vets from the 'Rose Garden '72-'73, assigned to VMGR-152. Bruce Raniella, from PA worked in hydraulics, Joe Bell from DC worked in Avionics and Mike Turner 'MT' I think he is from DC [He was assigned to VMGR-152 from Motor Transport or someone from motor transport that knew Mike]. BSVV2002@aol.com  Bob Pizzano 'want to kick some ass? ya gotta have some gas'

Looking for Lt Alan Krobath or Steve Akey (name on site but no contact address) in ref to ejection from A6 during combat 71/72.  My name is Mark Hallam.  Please respond with any knowledge to this address. paulpveterancsr@hotmail.com

September 2006: Looking for members of H&MS 15, Com/Nav W/C-610.   P.D. Jones, Terry Tarver, Mike Morris, Charlie Buitt, Bob Bradshaw, "Swannie" or any others. We all were at at CP, H&MS-14 then the RG and then parts unknown? Where are you guys? If you find this site contact John "Tag" Tagmyer @ fedcop18@comcast.net


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