The 30th Annual Meeting of the Yellow Back Barking Cobra Club of Nam Phong Thailand.

A short synopsis by Gordie Thomsen, aka Gorgon.

The cast of characters, in order of appearance:

Gorgon…Gordie Thomsen, ‘533 Fire Control, Grand Prairie TX.

Mad Man…Dave Morgan, ‘533 Fire Control, Kingston TN.

Cathy Morgan…Mrs. Morgan for like 32 years

Roto B Rooter…Bruce Stubbs, ‘533 Com Nav, Brooklyn NY.

Ruth Stubbs…has worked wonders on Bruce over the years.

Fugly…Charlie Streu, ‘533 Fire Control, Coloma MI.

Jan Streu…puts up with Sir Charles sh*t admirably.

CJ…Chris Johnson, ‘533 Com Nav, Washington NC.

Cap’n Nod…Craig Doyle, sailing bud of CJ.

Wild T…Mike Wildt, ‘533 Fire Control, Myrtle Beach SC.

Rastus…Dave Harden, ‘533 Electric Shop, Springfield VA.

Lee Harden…treats Dave way too nice.

Radar…Terry Sloan, ‘533 Metal Shop, Olney IL.

Laurel Sloan…ask her about a nurse’s story sometime!

Denny…Dennis Crosby, ‘533 Fire Control, Gastonia NC.

Iron Mike…Mike Theriault, HMH-362, Mundelien IL.

A to D…Art Schmucker, ‘533 Fire Control, South Bend IN.

Ski…Larry Ropski, ‘533 Fire Control, Winder GA.

Faye Ropski…has to keep Larry in line.

Dave Morgan Jr…Mad Man’s eldest son.

Valerie Morgan…Mrs.Dave Jr.

FPB…Frank Banholzer, ‘533 Electric Shop, N Babylon NY.


The quorum was established when Morgan picked me up at the airport in Knoxville on Sunday Sept. 14, just a little past noon EDST. We drove to Eagle Cove Resort on Dale Hollow Lake and opened the 5BR chalet and put 5 cases of beer on ice. Roto & Ruth, Fugly & Jan and CJ and Nod arrive later that day. A to D had to postpone vacation til Wednesday in order to save AM General.

Monday morning we got to check in on the boat early, gear was stowed by 10:30, we were crusin by noon. Found a nice little cove not far from the marina and had the boat tied off in time to ferry the chalet people back to their accommodations with the chase boat and return before dark.

People, for one reason and another, were coming and going all week it seemed. CJ and Nod had to return to NC Tuesday to get ready for hurricane Isabelle. Denny Crosby and Radar & Laurel arrive. Art is still working.

Wednesday was a golf day and lounge around in the marina slip. Art finally arrives, greeted a short time later by the local constabulary. Our generator proves to be very valuable, when the local area experiences a power outage we have lights and a microwave for popcorn.

Thursday was a group cruise the length of the lake, 20 miles, to the dam and back. That was the day the Javelin I boat crapped out and I had to paddle it a half mile before someone came by with a big pontoon boat and towed me the remaining mile and a half to the marina.

Friday the Stubbs and the Hardens had to leave. Day two for golf and Denny left from there, after thrashing us all. Later the Ropski’s arrive.

Saturday T leaves and Dave’s son arrives. We hear from CJ, they fared well through the hurricane, no damage.

Sunday, Larry and Faye head back to Georgia. Frank arrives, a little late, but he arrives none the less and gets to see some of the brothers.

Monday, the rain was steady when we woke up. We were sure glad it was on check-out day and not on check-in. Had the boat back in the marina by 9AM and all the good-byes by 10:30. Drove back to Kingston, two hours in the rain, hard rain.

Tuesday, flew back to Dallas and here I am now, writing up this story and wondering how it all flashed by so quickly.




Photo Key:

001 – 9/14 - The Butterfly cake Cathy baked.

002 – 9/14 - The chalet.

003 – 9/14 - First Group. Standing L/R – CJ, Gorgon, Roto B. Seated – Fugly, Mad Man.

004 – 9/15 – The beer (self explanatory)

005 – 9/15 – The back-up beer.

006 – 9/15 – The beer drinkers. L/R – Wild T, Roto B, Gorgon, Rastus.

Seated L/R – Cap’n Nod, CJ, Fugly, Mad Man Morgan.

007 – 9/16 – The boat. 75 ft of sheer delight!

008 – 9/16 – Smoke On The Water.

009 – 9/16 – Fugly and the first turkey dinner.

010 – 9/17 – The Golfers. L/R – Denny, Wild T, Fugly, Gorgon.

011 – 9/18 – The Goofers. Standing L/R – Wild T, Denny, Iron Mike, Gorgon, Fugly.

                     Seated L/R – Mad Man, Rastus, Roto, Radar.

012 – 9/18 – The YBBCC Auxilary. L/R – Lee Harden, Laurel Sloan, Ruth Stubbs, Jan Streu,                      Cathy Morgan.

013 – 9/19 – The Be Humble cake Cathy baked.

014 – 9/19 – After the cake. Standing L/R – Wild T, Mad Man, Gorgon, Ski, Radar, Art.

                     Seated – Iron Mike, Fugly.

015 – 9/21 – The last Sunday. L/R – Fugly, Mad Man, Ski, Gorgon.

016 – 9/21 – The Javelin II. L/R – Mad Man, Gorgon, Ski, Faye.

017 – 9/22 – The rainy takedown of the lights. Gorgon, Cathy.