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Adams,Danny, Sgt. U S M C VMFA 232 Ordnance We left Iwakuni for the Easter offensive and later moved into the luxurious hooches in the Rose Garden. We had one shower a week from a water buffalo and ate out of mess kits. I rotated back to Iwakuni and became the Sgt. of the Guard in September,'72. I got out in December,'72. I live in Lynchburg, Va. and my e-mail is

Adams,Les,  Sgt. VMA533, Com\Nav tech 6614. At the Rose Gargen 72-73. I live in Sullivan, Missouri. I can be reached at

Akey Steve, B/N with vma(aw)533 from May to July 72

Albright, Jacob K. Maj. VMFA-232  I joined the Red Devils in February 1972 with Joe Gregorcyk as CO of the squadron.  Eddie Maag took over later and I stayed with '232 until September of '72 as the Executive Officer.  My email is

Aldridge, Dave Capt.  VMA(AW)533  Nam Phong 73, Iwakuni 73-74  Can be reached at Living in Coto De Caza, CA.

Anderson, Delbert. I was stationed at the Rose Garden from June 28,1971 to Nov. 21, 1972. I was Tad with MABS 15, MAG15 First MAW. I was a cook (don't hold that against me). When we first got there the place was a mess. We were still cooking in the building next to the flight line and sleeping in tents without the luxury of the plywood floors and sides. I would like to hear from those that were there. My email is

Anderson, Jay R. SSGT - VMFA-232 Radar and Maintenance Control. I was the first Marine promoted to SNCO at Nam Phong in September 1972. SgtMaj Schloss made it a very memorable occasion, reading a long desertation about  how becoming a SNCO was a major stepping stone in my career and as I embark on this major step in my career, I must "wash" my mind of all thoughts of being anything but a Marine SNCO. As he said the word "wash", My freshly starched utilities were doused with a bucket of hot water from one side and a bucket of ice water from the other. I will never forget MCAS Rose Garden. I retired as a MSGT in 1988 and recently retired from IBM in Rochester, MN. I have been in touch with several people I served with in Nam Phong and would love to hear from others. My e-mail address is:

BAILEY, Tom (“Beetle”), Sgt., H&S Co, 3rd Mar Div, Task Force Delta.  Data Processing Platoon (next to the supply dump) at the north end of the runway, from the summer of ‘72 until the reversion of the camp to the Thais in ’73.  Rotated back from Camp Foster on Okinawa to Pendleton (for separation in Oct ’73).Now living in Eugene, Oregon. Can be reached at .  Semper fi.

Barthlow Steve,  I was assigned to VMFA-115 ord. I was a cpl. and rotated out in Nov of 72. I got to the rose garden when the squadron moved from Da Nang. I was medically retired as a GySgt in 89 from Cherry Point. I am now sixty precent disabled. My full name is John Steven Barthlow my mos was 6531. I now reside in Louisville Ky. and my email is or


Bautz, Ed - Cpl, VMFA-115 Comm/Nav, from June 72 to June 73.  Rotated back to Beaufort and got out in June 74.  Originally from Brooklyn, NY but now reside in Carrollton, TX .   Married for just about 25 years and have 2 daughters.  Email is  


Beach,Ron, Cpl, VMFA-232 Com/Nav/ECM, MOS 6616, from April 73 to April 74.  Reenlisted in Okinawa and made Sgt.  I then rotated back to VMFAT-101 in Yuma Arizona until I got out in 77. I got the nickname Skybuffalo when I was skydiving.  With my size I had a choice of Meat Missile or Skybuffalo.  I now live in Andover Kansas and work as a Director of Manufacturing in Wichita.  



Binfield, John   Lcpl, MOS 1341.  I was TAD from 3rd FSR, Camp Foster, Okinawa.  I was at the ROSE GARDEN from 7 December 1972 until 15 May 1973.I worked at the Large Bulk Fuel Farm that supplied JP-4 to the aircraft.  I was an Engineer Equipment Mechanic at Bulk Fuel.I now live in Florida.

Blanchard Ken, was there there from day one as a grunt. I'm looking for a buddy named Dennis Breese.  


Bliss, Michael E. (aka Munchie) Maize, KansasL/Cpl at the Rose Garden, eventually Sergeant 6614, Com/Nav, VMA (AW)   533

Blower, Arthur Douglas, MGySgt, 5959 Air Traffic Control Maintenance Chief. I was stationed at the rose garden Aug 72-Aug73 as a SSgt, with MATCU. I retired in 1994 and now reside in Memphis TN.

Bones Wanser  Cpl.    Ammo platoon  Out at the Dump  I was that Skinny bastard in the office you had to deal with to get your bombs!!!!  was there from the get go when the second truck load of 500 pounders arrived! mailto:

Borden, L.C. , Sgt. detached from VMCJ-2 temporary duty summer 1972 Logistics sergeant for the two composite recon squadrons serving at Da Nang and vicinity 1972-1973. Time spent at the rose garden 15 days.  on three separate occasions during summer of 72  

Bostwick, Ken Cpl. USMC, 1973 MAG-15 , H+MS-15

Boyer R.B.(Foot) corporal (eventually made S/Sgt) VMA(AW)533 Avionics Shop (AE). Worked on check crew and launch crew. August 72 to August 73. Now live in Atlanta area.Would like to hear from you guys. Semper Fi.

Boyer, George A.  LCpl while at the Garden, eventually made to to Gunnery Sergeant, retired in 1990.  I was with LSGTFD 3d FSR Supply, the supply dump that was at the north end of the runway. Of course, anyone can contact me at  I welcome all posts.

Boyle, Robert J. (Bob), LCpl 0141 (Remington Raider) VMGR-152 Iwakuni 5/64-5/65. I'd like to hear from Thomas E. Butler and Donald E. Beyer, both avionics technicians. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 307-632-8706.  


Brandon John,  I am a Nam Phong Vet. I was with the Security Element ,Sub Unit 1, K-9 platoon and the CID guys. I was there in 1973.  John Brandon,

Brennan Patrick Lcpl AKA Robbie Serve with Bulk fuel Co. MOS.1391 Suppying TAFDS JP-4 AVGAS 115/145 ALSO had a MOGAS and DEISEL fuel pt. for vehicals. and DRUM Storage. I was there from oct 72 to june 73 MY CO. Was CWO3 Wilson and GySgy Van Antruwpe I Rotated in june and went to MCAS K-BAY HI. intel 1975. Then to MCAS Beaufort SC. Got out a Sgt. I now live in Tacoma Washington, St. I have contacted John Binfield we are very good friends.after 32yrs. I have been in the Lawenforcement field for yrs. Not retired.  


Brewster  James A. , Sgt. at the Rose Garden 1973. Supply  3051 LSG Delta. Semper Fidelis --- James Brewster


Briggs, Barrie R. , L/Cpl to Corporal.  Assigned to the Military Police, Nam Phong Thailand March 1973.  Also assigned with the Air Force Police, Udon Thani during the months of July-August [air conditioned barracks] patrolled the bars and everyone loved[especially the Thai people] SANTANA.


Brito, Antonio R. (Tony); Sgt, USMC; Nam Phong 1972-1973; H&MS-15 (NCOIC Group CMCC); Albuquerque, NM;

Brockett, David L. 1st Lt. VMGR 152 KC 130 pilot.  Currently living in Muenster, Tx.

Harry Brown, Cpl H&MS-15 MAG-15 Bomb Dump I was in the advance party to Nam Phong.  As I recall, SSGT Bailey and I were the first enlisted men to step foot on that dusty dirt runway in the summer of 1972.  I served with the “Heavy Haulers” until rotation home in February 1973. I was discharged from USMC in July 1974 at MCAS Cherry Point , NC .  My email is  Semper FI

My name is Walter M Brown, Jr.  I was one of the last Securtity Element Marines to leave the Rose Garden on August 17, 1973.  When I left Nam Phong I was assigned to K-9 Plt and was a PFC at the time.  I left the Marine Corps in 1992 as a MSgt and I know resides in Long Branch, NJ.  I enlisted in the Corps in Philadelphia, Pa.  I would love to hear from other members of the Security Element.  My email is
I am also trying to get any info on ribbons and citations the Rose Graden Marines may have been awarded
Thanks and SEMPER FI


Brubaker, Monte  CPL  USMC  1973  MAG-15, H&MS-15

Bruder,Carlos Greg , sgt. VMF-115 - F/E from 72 'till the end. Anybody remember the bus ride to Udorn? What about the ride back? Bummer !  


Bullard, Roger D. Captain VMFA-232  

Tom Burke. I was station in Nam Phong with VMA (AW) 533 A-6 intruders as a Plain
Captain from June 1973 until we pulled out in August and were sent to
Iwakuni, Japan. I arrved as a Lance Corporal and was promoted to
Corporal while at the Rose Garden

Burke, Joe March 1973 - August 1973, MABS-15 Launch and Recovery Section. USMC January 1972 - February 1978. Living in Reading, PA. Can be contacted at  

My name is Dave Busby and I was stationed at Nam Phong with the Security Detachment from Jan. '73 till the base closed in Sept. '73.  I was a PFC when I arrived but left a L/Cpl. I was in the last detachment to leave and was in the color guard that took the flag down for the last time.  The Thai commander gave us ornate Zippo lighters as gifts.  I was sent to Okinawa and Hotel 2/9 and eventually got out in '76 as a sergeant at Camp LeJeune after doing the rest of my time with H&S 1/8.
My memories include guard duty all over the base and out at the bomb dump where we all knew we were just sacrificial warnings if anything really did happen.  I remember the "bush bunnies" slipping through the wire to offer their "services", lol, and the bus trips to Udorn and the delights of that paradise on earth.  Also the "fuck you" lizards and monkeyballs on a stick.
I haven't thought of Nam Phong in many years.  I googled the name one day at school where I teach and was suprised to see this web site.  It certainly brought back a rush of memories.

Caccamis, Raymond CPL USMC Was in Rosegarden 1973. Williamson, NY

Calcatera, Mark A., Sgt, MACS-4, Comm Maint., May 72- Aug 72, We first set up at the end of the runway, then helped fix the radio relay equipment that was not working.  I also set up the CO of the air wing with the radio system so that he could communicate with the pilots when they returned.

Caraway, Bobby  Sgt promoted to SSGT 74. July 73 - Sep 73 closing down VMA(AW) 533 (the Nod Squad) Fire Control.                 Currently Port Orange, FL (Daytona Beach). Can be reached at

Carbo,Robert J, SSgt, 1391.  Served with TAFDS, MAG-15 at the Rose Garden from Feb. 1973 and then back to Iwakuni when we pulled out.  Retired from Bulf Fuel, 1st FSR, Camp Pendleton March 1975. Also served with MAG-13 at Chu Lai 1969-70


Carl, Ron Cpl. USMC H&MS-15 AWG-10 Fire Control Radar for F4-J, I was at the Garden at from Iwakuni at the end during the pull out and then we went to Cubi Pt. for awhile, which I thought was very good duty. Live in Orlando,Fl.  

Carroll, Jeffery C. L/cpl  I was statoined at Nam Phong from June 1972 until May 1973. As a member of VMFA 232 my mos was 6243 and I was in the electric shop. My memories of that time are still very vivid. The Rain the heat the long nights on the flight line fixing problems as well as my trips to Udorn ( Holiday Inn, Paradise pool, the Prince Hotel in Bangkok etc.) It is probably the defining year of my life. I remember when 1LT. Cordova (MIA 26 Aug. 1972)(RIO 1LT. Bordelo) (WT10)and Capt. Breuer (MIA 20 Nov. 1972)(Pilot Capt. Anderson)(WT11) were shot down. Their names are on the bottom half of the last panel on the "WALL". I am currently the POW/MIA Chairman for the VFW Dept. of Ohio and Commander of VFW Post 9927 Kettering Ohio. E/mail


Carpenter, Dennis CPL  VMA(AW)533  Com/Nav   Aug.72-Aug. 73.  Rotated to the world the day we down loaded from bombing LAOS and CAMBODIA. Sure miss the cameraderie we all had then. I haven't experienced it since I left. I went to work with Navy Fighter Weapons School for my last year of duty when I got back to the world. 90% Navy and 10% Marines. We were under Navy regulations while we worked there so my hair was pretty long until the day I was discharged. They made me get two haircuts before they cut me loose. didn't cut my hair for 2 years after that one. Sure would lide to hear from some of my old buds. I can be reached at SEMPER FI and hope to hear from some of you soon.

Carter, Dale L. I was a member of Logistics Support Group – Delta (Data Processing Platoon 25) from November, 1972 until September, 1973. At the time I was a Sgt.  

Castellanos, Jesse L/Cpl  Hyd. Shop   I arrived In Nam Phong in 72 and departed stateside 8-73.  I arrived at the Garden on a C141 full of bodybags headed stateside and wondered if that was going to be my fate. I remember all the good times we all had and really miss those good times. From working in the rain underneath aircraft, those sweaty bus rides to Udorn, crack of lighting in the middle of the night, boots full of water on the way to the hanger; I never thought that the memories would last a life time.  I was discharged from the Corps with a medical in 81 and moved to Corpus Christ, Tx. where I live with my wife Linda, son Erik, and daughter Jessica.  I retired from Civil Service in 97 and devote most of my time taking care of my family and adding to my resume of speeding tickets on my motorcycle.  Contact @:   I would get my own email add. but my motorcycles doesn't let me.  Semper-Fi


Castle Jr, Floyd A.  CPL.  MOS-6024 (Retired as SSGT). VMFA-232 Night Crew Chief in Aircraft Maintenance Shop.  Later was the NCOIC of the PEB Section.  Been trying to find Capt. McNutt who was the officer in charge of my section and he was a F-4 RIO with the squadron. I was at the Garden from 1972 till we left in 1973.  I am currently retired living in New Mexico. My e-mail address is:

Caya, Ralph A. (USMC GySgt Ret.)   I was in the Rose Garden, (PFC or LCPL) I can remember the mud and the girls crawling under the fence.  I was and still am a Maint Admin guy, at that time I worked in the Avionics vans.   I got caught swimming in the water bladders and burning down the outhouse, not on purpose I lit the barrel without pulling it out the back.  I now work on NAS Pensacola with a company that is contracted with NAVAIRSEFAC.  

Chambers, Roger 1stLt, H & MS 36 Pilot for the CH-46 helicopters at the SAR unit of the departure end of Runway 20.  Own a manufacturing company in Tennessee.


Charvat Harry, HM3 at the time from april73 till pull out sometime in 1973. Worked in the BAS and flew S&R once a month. This was absolute the best duty ever. Ret in 1990 HMC now living in fla working as an  RN

Cole,Rocky, SMSgt, USAF, Ret ,At the Rose Garden multiple times in the spring and early summer of '72, setting up a mobile TACAN for the Phantoms to get home with. MGSgt "Top" Stivers, Ops Supt, I believe, was my main POC.  Good Marine, tough man, great pal.  

Cole , Thomas (Tom), Sgt, 1st Mech., VMGR-152.  I was stationed in Futema, Okinawa, but operated out of the Rose Garden as flight-crew member. While in Oki, I was NCOIC of Check Crew, hung out with Bob Farran, Roy Koser, and many more good friends I just can’t remember. I do remember Bob Pizzano, and Jim “Black Cloud” Vilenti(spelling?) from the Garden, but have lost many of my memories from those days.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, so we could swap “sea-stories”.  

Colley, Thomas A,  I served with VMFA 232 in '72/'73 in the ordnance shop for Gy Broy.  I have the Red Devil cruise book and periodically go through it, brings back a lot of memories even smells sometime.  I am still amazed at how young everyone was, it only shows what good training can do.  I do not wish to go back but a reunion would be great.  I also rotated back to DaNang with the Turnaround Crew.

Collins,Wesley D. My/Sgt--I was ncoic of Mabs-15  Detachment (Sanford&Sons) we built the hooches, supplyed electricity and water for the Rose Garden if anyone would like to contact me my email is


Combs Dennis Michael  servec in nam phong whole year 1972 - served guard duty at the bomb dump and also as a machine gun operator

Cooper, Roger (Coop), LCpl., H&MS-15, MOS-6077 (Ground Support Equipment Electrician), June 73 to Sept.73, Currently living in Shelley, Idaho,  

Cox, Monte Joseph PFC 1972-1973.  left Okinawa on the USS Mobile to Satahen Thailand with SupplyC. Supply Bu. F.S.A. I was with the supply part of the air wing. I've included a few pictures of Namphong in 1972. I am also looking for George Whiddon? of Boston. You can contact me at these addresses. and  

Cox, Norman D. Cpl USMC '73 VMA(AW) 533 Com/Nav Currently Milford, NH Can be reached at

Crawford, Ed  LCpl (Security Element) MOS 0311 Nam Phong April - Aug 72 Currently living in Upper Darby, Pa  

Crosby, Dennis (Denny) USMC Corporal, VMA (AW) 533, Nam Phong June 1972 - April 1973, currently retired and living in Gastonia, NC

Crossley, Michael J. H&MS 13 CH-46 Detachment from Fetma, Okinawa.  L/Cpl at the time.  Feb. 73 to eviction in Sept. 73.  Flight Equipment (6064).  SAR crew for 4 months, responsible for giving flight crews from F-4 & A-6 nice rides to practice E&E.  While not a direct participant, also part of group that mooned aircrews as they taxied by our end of the runway.  Teaching and living in Denton, TX.

Albert A. Currie, Jr., (Big Al) SGT, VMA(AW)533 Fire Control

Started out with VMA(AW)121 MAG 14 MCAS Cherry Point in June '70.  
left... Turn right... TURN BACK! Where's my parachute?!! Arrived in
Iwakuni in March, 72, Deployed to Nam Phong 20 June '72. "Fugley's
Fabulous Far Out Fire Control." Pitched tents in 138 degrees. Took
showers during thunderstorms.  Ate C-Rats (Love that pound cake if made
by American Biscuit Co., Pineapple hunks were good too... ) Can I 
your John Wayne a minute? Flattened by Capt. Richey's runway buzz in
July while taking out the trash.  Counted B-52's in the sky flying back
to Utipao one morning in December '72.  Memories are made of this.
Rotated back in February, '73.  Landed back in 121 and separated 28
September 73. Ski, I see the POW made it!  Now a member of Marine Corps
League Irish Hills Detachment 1134 in Onstead, Mi. " Just another
Airborne Radar Technician, hangin' around the Radar Shop bein' cool."

"Once a Marine, always a Marine"  Semper Fi!

Davis Joseph E. III. I was stationed in Nam Phong, Thailand (The Rose Garden) in 1973 to 1974. I was a Lcpl and got promoted to Corporal. I worked as a switch board operator until I got a new assignment... Urinalysis collector and processor. Yep, drug testing. I really miss being over there and if someone can remember me I can be reached ad

Davis, Thomas F., Sgt-USMC, H&MS-15 Avionics, July 72 – May 73, currently living in Wilmington, NC and be reached at

CPL ROBERT C. DEANE , JR (DINO)  METAL SMITH VMFA 232 RED DEVIL F-4 SQUADRON 72-73,       from connecticut


HM2 Rick Dees.  Worked the clap shack and E.R. at the BAS after arriving in summer of '72.  Remember the cases of beer we stached in the pharmacy medicinal refer from the Bob Hope visit.  What great times!  I'm retired HMC, did some RN work, then deputy work in southern California.  Now living near Dallas.  So damn proud to have been an FMF doc, God Bless the

Delamater, Harold G. Sgt USMC 6042 Tin Knocker in H&MS 15 MAG 15 Metal Shop, Task Force Delta April 1972-April 1973 . Retired Det Sgt - City of Beacon (NY) Police Dept. Now "working" for a living as an insurance fraud investigator. Reside in Wappingers Falls, NY.

Delaney D.A. SGT. USMC 1971-1975 VMGR-152 MOS 6016/6026 (Air Crew/Aircraft Mechanic)                    Nickname: DYNO DON  Current Base of Operations: Dearborn, Michigan

Denison, Harvie Allen "AL" Sgt. USMC    1969-1975 !st MAW Iwakuni '72-'73 MWCS-18 Nam Phong  1972-1973

Dennis, Huey G. GySgt. NCOIC Seat Shop, VMFA(AW)533. 1972. Retired from MCAS New River, NC. As NCOIC Seat Shop/ Flight Equipment as MSgt. 1979, Moved to Sylacauga, AL. Worked at a Marble Quarry for few months, then worked for Pepsi Cola Co. for 10 years. Then worked for Sylacauga Police Dept. for 8 and 1/2 years. I worked as Patrolman, and Jailer/corrections Officer. I quit work in 1998, to take care of my wife and mother-in-law. They were having health problems. I can be reached at PO Box 723 Sylacauga, AL 35150 or. Hope to hear from some of you.

Domina, W. Lee Capt, VMFA-232 Flight Line & Admin O ,Feb 1972- Aug 1973.

Dooley, James W. (Jim), 1Lt, VMA(AW)-533 and MAG-12; A-6 Bombardier/Navigator, TS Control Officer, and MWR Officer from May 1972 to April 1973 (Operation Linebacker and Linebacker II).  After 11 year Service break from '73 to '84, commissioned as Captain in the Biomedical Sciences Corps (Aerospace Physiology), US Air Force.  Currently, ADAF Colonel serving as Air Combat Command Consultant for Aerospace Physiology and AF High Altitude Airdrop Mission Support Program Manager; stationed at Langley AFB VA.  Still consider myself a Marine.  Email:

Doty, Jonathan P.   Arrived in Nam Phong May of 73 as a young PFC.  Worked in MAG-15 S-4 and also in the Task Force G-4 under LtCol Tashjian (sp?). Rotated back to Iwakuni in October 73.  Many fond memories of 36 hour liberties to Udorn.  Retired a MGySgt in 1995 and currently reside in Olivet, MI.

Douglas, Raymond ,but everyone knew me as Ed.I was a member of VMFA 232 from sept 71 to sept 72. I was the 1st one off the 1st C-141 from Iwakuni when 232 went to DaNang.We had just returned from a missile shoot in Subic Bay.I was in radar shop(not needed when we hit Nam).I was advanced party to Nam Phong.I remember the conditions,and thought the hardback tents were luxury condos compared to what we had.We helped the seabees make it into an airbase.Does anyone know whether or not we received any awards (medals and ribbons),because none had been approved when I came back home.If I have any coming,I wouldn't mind getting them before I die.I can be reached at .

L/cpl Dove, KA.  Went over with Lima Co. 3/9 3rd Plt.   Was first guard out at the Bomb Dump before it was a bomb dump. Eventually 3rd plt. moved out there and we stayed there until I rotated back to the world in Apr. 73.
Looking for anyone who might have served out there.
Semper Fi,
 Ken Dove


Dover, Raymond J.  Cpl Comm - From  3rd FSR Oki. With the first plane load of guys from FSR to get there.  Remember one of the first nights it rained like all hell and getting yelled at in the of those motovational things for lack of enthusium.  In addition to doing my job we ran a little thing out of our CP tent with the MARS guys in Bangkok (we had a time slot). Helped start and run the club (in the mess tent). Cut some hair outside the Comm tent. Got promoted to Sgt there...NJP...and sent back to Oki.  Eventually retired in 1988 a GySgt. Came home to Canton, Ohio and run a little bar. Have some photos of the guys then. Reach me at  

Dub Allen, Staff Sgt, public affairs, VMFA-232, H&MS-15, MAG-15, retired 1987 Master Sgt.  Public Affairs Officer for army and Navy.  Retired living in Little Rock, Arkansas. E-mail


Dwyer, Gary Sgt. USMC '72 VMA(AW) 533 Ordnance, Currently living in Cleveland, Ohio. Can be reached at

Eakins, Ron E. Cpl (COWBOY) served in Rose Garden ordinance i.e..500lb bombs,ect...@ North end of runway. Nov 72 to Aug 73. Would like to hear from Scott Ehret or any others that were there with me. Currently residing in St. Louis MO. can contact me by email at:

Early, Rod HM2/USN 1973  Dispensary.  Currently living in La Porte, Indiana.  Can be reached at

CPL Enebrad, J. A, served in Nam Phong May  72 to Sept 72 in H&MS -15
Electric Shop Work Center 620, Rotated back to Iwakuni Sept 72 for Mag 15
Group Guard. Returned to the States Jan 73 for duty with VMFAT 101 in MCAS
Yuma. Reenlisted and sent to MCAS Beaufort 74 to 78. Got out as a S/SGT.
Working for Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah Georgia. EMail :

Echols,Joe..Cpl VMFA 232 Flight Line plane captain Jan73 to Aug 73 when we pulled out went to things for sure...we all got a good dose of appreciation. After returning to states served two years in Yuma. Now living in Texas where I have been for 31 years. Anyone wanting to contact me can do so at

Lloyd Embree, 1st Lt. - Pilot on KC-130's, VMGR 152, 1972.  Currently living in Simpsonville, SC.  E-mail is

Eshleman David L. Sgt. I was in VMA(AW)-533 Ordnance Currently living in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Can be reached at  

Evangelista,Tony U.S.M.C.  L/CPL namphong  Communications  {Goliathe} 

Ewadinger, Jim  Maj (LDO) MOS 2802 USMC(Ret-94) Nam Phong Aug 72 - May 73 (SSgt)Currently Chalfont, PA.  E-Mail:


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