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Len Felix Email dewey x Was with security as a mp

I am making a post for my Dad, Frank Fillian. I believe he was with the VMFA-115 Electric Shop. He is currently living in Yuma, AZ (where he retired from the USMC) and working as an Electronics Tech for EC-III at USAYPG. His email is:

E5 Sgt. Victor Fiori, H&MS-15 W/C 640 ECM. I was one of the first to arrive in Rose Garden. We slept in the shop at first, then in the S.E.A. huts later. Worked 12 on 12 off 7 days a week. We built ourselves a rain collection system between the Avionics vans so we could take a shower when it rained. That was almost a daily occurance. We dried our clothes in the exhaust of the air conditioner from the shop. In the hootch we had a little milk cooler refrigerator from a mess hall full of beer and a water pitcher. Boy that ice cold beer and water was good. Worked with Rick Cannon, Bogdan (Peaches) Piewchowicz, Charlie Maule, Tim Zumigala (or Szumigala) and others I can't remeber all the names. Helped keep the compound generators running. Bugs didn't bother me much. Guess they didn't like the smell of diesel fuel on me from the generators. I have some movies from the Garden I will be putting up soon for all to see. Still living in upstate New York. I am the Chief Technician in the Engineering School at SUNY Binghamton. 607-785-2606, home phone if anybody is interested.


Fleischer, Louis, SGT,  3531 / 3516 Motor Pool / Heavy equipment. Worked mostly on flight line with the crash crew. Us to party with ammo and bulk fuel.  

Flood Gary, Sgt., USMC 1970 - 1974  VMA(AW) 533 Ordinance, Iwakuni, Japan Nov. 1971 - July, 1972; Nam Phong           Thailand, July 1972 - Nov., 1972.  Currently residing in Grand Rapids, MI; email  

Fogg, Gary N. VMFA 115, E-3 ,1972-1973, Metal Shop, e-mail

Folse, James” Butch”  SGT;  Served in Nam Phong  ( The Rose Garden )  from January '73 to Sept '73. Worked in H&MS 15's SACE (SACE’s ACES) shop on the Grumman A6A'. Manned the Hot Bench where diagnostics on the ASQ-61 made its fist stop. Home of the “A799”. Remember those bus rides into Udon and Bangkok? How about drinking beer at the bambo hut? Is that an elephant strolling down the road? 

Foster, Larry M. I was in the Powerplants shop of VMA (AW) 533. I currently live in Chapmansboro, TN, I am looking forward to hearing from all. e-mail

Frania, Gregory C., Sgt., USAF 1972-73. Took charge of loading the C-130 and C-141s when Chief MSGT called back to States. Remember the 18-20hr. shifts and the heat, and the rats running across the yard. Still have the temple dogs I bought over there. Still have the "Rose Garden" patch on the back of my jacket. I remember meeting Bob Hope before his show that year on Base. Left NamPhong for U-Tapao where I finished up my tour late 74. Live in Huntsburg, Ohio. My son joined the  82nd Airborne, 504PIR  in 1999 as a Medic for 4 years and just received his discharge papers. Hope to hear from someone, haven't talked to anybody who knew what was going on in the Garden.


Froman, Darryl R. Sgt. USMC  MOS 6238, 6239 F-4B &
F4-J (Radar and Fire Control) (H&MS-15, MAG-15,
Iwakuni, Japan) Arrived in Da Nang on 6 April, 1972.
as part of the H&MS Radar Shop group. SSGT. Tomas D.
Waller was in charge. We were sent to Nam Phong on the
26th of June, 1972. Left the Rose Garden and went back
to MCAS El Toro. Served at El Toro twice with a
recruiting stint in the middle. Released from the USMC
in May '78.

Fry Gary D. ( leadfoot) I was a Pfc at the time. I was one of the first to arrive at the Rose Garden not know as this at first. I just found this site and like to hear from others that serv.. We cleared the kill zones and cleared the way of the 1st MAW  Silver Eagles and Red Devils... Semper Fi

William. Chris Gaines, I go by Chris.  Myself and the rest of my battalion Seabee’s MCB-5 landed at Nam Phong May of 72.  Would like to here from anyone.Chris Gaines Energy Management Section Maintenance Engineering Chas.AFB 437 CES/CEOE DSN 673-5019 Comm. 843-963-5019

Garza, Tomas lcpl, h&s co., utilites section, maint.plt. mag-15, mabs-15. 72-73. i live in flint,mi. my e-mail address is

Gibson, Wade "Grub" VMFA 115 Powerplants June '72 - Nov. '72.

Gilbert, Steve, L/CPL  VMFA115   73  Was only there a couple weeks then back to Iwakuni
Steven Gilbert
Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Mecosta County


Giomini, Jim (Gio), H&MS 15 Test Equipment, June 72-June 73, Came through Bien Hoa with Jeff Carroll, VMFA 115, living in Broadview Heights, Ohio,

Gironda,James N L/cpl USMC MABS-15 MAG-15 Crash Fire Rescue. Served Rose Garden Jan. 29 1973-Aug. 15 1973. Currently resides Spring Hill FL.  

Gist, Doug, LCpl TAD to MABS 15 April/May 1972 to October. MOS 2532 Radio Relay. Spent part of my tour at the “Relay” link site just outside of Kohn Kaen. Me and the other five guys I was there with bought a 195? Plymouth with no brakes from a retired Navy Chief that work at the link site. Man was it a hoot to drive.

Doug Gist

Glaser, AJ  VMA(AW)533  Sgt. Electric Shop. This was my second tour in SEA, the first was with VMA(AW)225.  Had a total of 8 years in VMA(AW)533, also tours in VMA(AW)332, VMAQ-2, VMAT(AW)202 and VMAQ-2 Det. Yankee.  Retired in 1993 as a 1stSgt (it stopped being fun, should have stayed in maint.-it was more fun).  Now retired and living in Florida, where I was from.

Glaves Tom,Sgt. VMFA-232 Red Devils.  Assigned to structures (Sheet Metal Shop). Left Iwakuni, Japan on 7 April 1972 with the unit to Da Nang, "in country".  I can remember singing the Fish Cheer (country Joe and the Fish) in the back of a 6-by as we entered Camp Swampy, Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam.  After 3 memorable months in Rocket City, the whole Group was sent to the Rose Garden-- In order to meet Dick Nixon's troop withdrawal quotas.  What a place!  I still remember trying to sleep in 106 degree heat at the end of the runway while our F-4's took off all day long.  We worked 12 hour shifts, with most of the maintenance being done at night.  Who doesn't remember the showers from the back of a water buffalo... Or the first mess hall that the Navy doctors said they would close down in a heartbeat if there was anyplace else that we could eat.  Half our unit (including me) got mild forms of dysentery and other wonderful related maladies.  There were so many of us, we couldn't even report to sick call-- there wouldn't be anyone left to maintain the planes!

 I rotated back home in January of 1973, spending the last 7 months of my enlistment at El Toro MCAS, Orange County, California.  I live in Derby, Kansas and work as a Structural Design Engineer for Boeing. My e-mail address is

Gothier Greg  VMFA-115 metal shop (72)

Gonzalez, Carmen 3rd FSR Spring Texas Veterans Benefits Representative

Gonzalez, Henry,  Plane Captain, Flightline.  Iwakuni 1971, Danang 71, Nam Phong 72.  I was part of the Red Devil flightline with my buddies Marcos Vargas, Dennis Sparrow and JerrySperling.  Hung out with Snake, Cliff Sommerville, Bob Schulteis.  While in Iwakuni played on the championship basketball team.  I remember "creep street"  the PI, Udon, and Bangkok.  Left the Rose Garden clinically depressed and never thought I would live to see today.  I am a high school principal in California and use my memories of the Corps as tools to help young people understand the good and bad of our nation.  I am happy to have found this website and hope to hear from anyone who remembers us fellas from back then.  My email is


Goff, Ralph T.    Sgt. H&MS-15, MAG-15 Power Plants First team in before squadrons, tents, chow hall, matting etc.           E-mail;

Steve Goulart I was one of the very first to go to namphong my unit was called sub unit one and we had to cover everything that said usmc even had an army address for a while


Graham, John M. (Mike), Cpl, VMA(AW)-533 Fire Control- Got there in June, '73 for a couple of months, then packed everything on C-5s and headed back to Iwakuni. Things I remember: arrived there after midnight on a C130 with a handfull of others, met by an admin character on the ramp who wanted to know "who smoked dope, drank did both or neither so he would know shich hootch to put us in." Giant insects and lizards (especially those praying mantis'). "Reup frog and that famous lizard. Thai beer with a quarter inch of unknown sediment in the bottom of the bottle. LONG bus ride to Udorn every 2 weeks for a weekend. LONG hours. Beautiful sunsets. Burning a fire in the evenings. Somehow we managed to have 5 "up" systems every day on those clunkers we had.


I am James Green and was with VMFA-232 in Ground Support 1-21-72 thru 1-16-73.  Was with them from Japan,Phillipines,Vietnan and Thailand.  Can anyone advise if we received any awards,metals etc for this time period.  I have heard that we were put in for several but never have found out for sure.  I just found out that I have prostrate cancer and it could be a result from exposure to Agent Orange in DANANG.  Has anyone else had a problem and if so could you guide me through the process of filing for compensation through the VA.  Also does anyone have any documentation on the Tet Offensive in 72 that I can file with my claim showing we had combat duty.  Sgt. James Green (70-74) SEMPER FI ALL MY BROTHERS -Thanks for your service and the fond memories you all created in the THE ROSE GARDEN etc..

Green, Richard E.  Sgt. USMC  MOS 6238 F-4B & F4-J (Radar and Fire Control) VMFA-232 (H&MS-15, MAG-15, Iwakuni, Japan) Arrived in Da Nang on 6 April, 1972 and suffered 4 shrapnel wounds from a 122mm rocket on 13 April, 1972. We were sent to Nam Phong on the 26th of June, 1972. Hated the 55 gal.boiling water mess-kit washing.Tolerated the heat, (barely), was amused by the shower facilities. (approx. 5 HP gas motor driven pump, pumping water from a "lister-bag" type storage bag into some 1/2 inch pipe that was suspended horizontally above some wooden cargo pallets. Within a few minutes usage, it slowly turned into a quagmire of slimy red mud which you had to wade through when you were done so you could walk back up the road which then covered your legs with the dreaded "red dust." Saw mosquitoes and rats that were bigger and bolder than the ones in Da Nang. I was so "short" that I had to leave since my enlistment was done on 13 July, 1972. On the way back to Iwakuni, I hated being shot at in a C-130 MARLOG while attempting to land in Da Nang at night. A real "Rose Garden" experience to remember....(NOT!!!) I retired in 1997 after 28 a Fed. Govt.Civil Servant working for the Dept.of the Army. I did classified modifications on helicopters for the Night Stalkers (Task Force 160th, Ft Campbell, Ky.)  I receive 40% VA Disability Compensation and live in Corpus Christi, Tx. SEMPER FI

Greene, Thomas  VMFA 115, Arrived in Chu Lai, Jan 70. I was in the Radar Shop ... Lived at the beach, no dog-patch for me... war was hell, still remember the rockets of May 4-5 and the "Chu Lai in July" rumors. We deployed to Da Nang in the fall, last USMC F4 unit in VN because we had the best Air to Air capability in country. San Diego, CA

Grigsby, Mike Cpl. MATCU62.  What a great website.  I never did get a camera and take any pics.  Thanks so much to all of you who did and sent them in.  Finally I can show family and friends.  At Iwakunii one day they tell us we are restricted to the base, we'll be gone in about 3 days, get your affairs in order.  Wouldn't tell us where we were going.  The rumors abounded.  Chu Lai was being reopened, so was Marble Mountain, Da Nang etc etc.  One of the Controllers at Iwakunii who was not MATCU62 and could get off base went into town, came back and said "my Hooker said we are going to Khon Kaen Thailand"  Damn if we didn't end up 20 miles away.  I'm in Palmdale, CA now with my wonderful wife of 24 years enjoying the friendships of our now grown 2 Children.  Our oldest is in the Air Force and may be deploying to Iraq soon.  Wonder what stories she will come back with.  Email


Hales, John F. - "Jack"  - Captain USMC - VMGR-152 - Was the Aircraft Commander on the first KC-130F night flight into Nam Phong to drop off Col Dick Hawes and the first 10 or 12 Marines to be assigned to Rose Garden after a flight from Iwakuni via Cubi Point. Will have to give Col. Hawes credit for the first use of Rose Garden that night. Flew some of the first BARCAP tanker missions. Jack Hales

arrived in Iwakuni in May of '72. Was there for 10 days. Still remember the soup-soba truck blaring the music. Also will never forget the stench from the pulp mill just upwind of the base. I actually threw up just walking down the sidewalk, it was so bad.
Arrived in DaNang, May of '72. Stayed in Danang for 6 months as part of 'The Turn Around Crew', H&MS Ordinance. Worked in the Air Force bomb dump as a 'BB Stacker'. Very hot, hard work. Navy chow hall was the best!!! Lived in the FASU, Old French Quarters of DaNang Airbase. Remember some Sgt. one night going outside and throwing a concussion grenade just to hear what it sounded like!! (It was loud)  Next day, Naval intelligence raided the barracks and took away our stashed ammunition and weapons. In a few days we had it all back. Air Force didn't lock things up too well.
Rotated to 'The Rose Garden' about Febuary of '73. Was explosive driver for the bomb dump. I drove the 'Train' to the flight line squadrons. The bomb dump was 7 miles from base side. I remember the Phuc Q lizards and the heat. Terrible heat. I had a fan that I bought from a 'short' buddy and had it on my wall right over my cot. If the generator quit at all during the night, I was awake before the fan blades quit rotating!! It was HOT! I still have to have a breeze on me at night in order to sleep.
I remember Mike Stovall from Arizona I think and Robbie Thompson.
Sgt. Brian J. Hampton (Hambone)


Hansen,Jr Robert E. CPL. VMA-AW-533 hyd. shop now residing in Chicago,IL 60655.  

Hanson Steve--at the  Rose Garden between 1972-73. Would like to hear from  old  friends at  

Harden,Dave VMA 533 Electric Shop.  Also lovingly referred to as "Rastus", is alive and well in Springfield VA.  If you misguided children ever need a tour guide in DC give me a ringy dingy and I'll be there.  RoadKing transportable.  I retired from the Army and am now a double dipping civil servant.  I periodically wear a tie to work.  You can contact this "Guvment Worker" at


Hartle, Kenneth E. Sgt., Sent to the Nam Phong early 72 as advance party in support of Task Force Delta.  After construction of the Rose Garden I ended up with H&MS 15 engine shop.  I retired in 88 as a MSgt and I now work with Boeing on the C-17 program.  "Semper Fi"

Hatcher, Larry C., While completing my Iwakuni tour I was given the opportunity to volunteer for the mission known as "Task Force Delta".  We didn't really know much about the mission that was ahead of us.  We couldn't tell family or friends anything about it.  I arrived in June 1972 at what was known as MCAS Rose Garden, which was an old Royal Thai Air Force base in Nam Phong Thailand.  I was with the MABS-15 SATS 7011 crew living right beside the runway in a large tent. Yes, I remember taking my turn laying AM-2 matting.  We worked night shifts because of the heat.  I also remember the sea rations.  At the time I arrived, we didn't have the luxuries of home (hot shower, hot food, bathroom).  Water was rationed and we weren't allowed to use it for showers.  Our showers came from the afternoon monsoon rain that was caught in the tent. The thing I remember most is when we had an aircraft come in with hydraulic problems and he had to hit the M-21 arresting gear.  I was on point to get him out of the gear after we caught him.  We were pretty relaxed around the camp, so I wore my cutoff jungles and boots while on point.  All of a sudden the distressed aircraft landed and all I saw coming at me was tape, cowbells and cable rippling out of control up and down the runway after it grabbed the arresting gear with its hook.  As it neared me I grabbed my head and tucked down a little as if it would bypass me.  One side of the tape brushed me, throwing me into the concrete runway. I thought I would surely die and it scared me more than anything I have ever faced in my life.  The aircraft went by without any damage of which I am aware. The crash crew truck was on the scene quickly to help me up into their truck and rushed me to the field sickbay tent.  They applied mustard sauce on me and bandaged my arms and legs up.  I then had to go in front of the commanding officer where he thanked me for my dedication during the emergency.  The NCO in charge of our crew promised me an accommodation would be written for me; I haven't seen it yet.  I remember standing in line that night for what was our first hot meal since arriving and the pilot of that distressed aircraft that broke through our arresting gear was laughing and joking about it. Our CWO nearly got into a fight with him about it when he heard about it. After going to sickbay three times a day for several days to clean the wounds and bandage me up again, they determined that I had infection and decided to ship me out of that jungle back to Iwakuni.  I can't remember the names of the crew members there, but I sure would like to hook up with some of them. After Iwakuni, I shipped back to MABS-32, MAG-32, 2nd MAW, MCAS Beaufort, SC where I was then promoted to E5 Sgt.  I then was honorably discharged on 01-31-1974. Please email me at   

Hay,Ed, Capt. VMFA 232 advance party thru Mar 73. Best flying club I've seen to date   .


 Hays, Ronald (Gene), MSgt (Ret.) H&MS-15 Avionics, joined the Rose Garden in '73, then made the retrograde with VMFA-232 to Cubi Point.  Now live in Oxford, MS.  Email at: and check out my web page at: .

Heffernan, Joseph(Joe) E-4 U.S.M.C. 1971-1975 V.M.F.A. 232 ordnance 1972-1973 E-3 currently resides in Highland                Park Il.  

Hemmers, George R. Cpl. VMFA-232 ordnance. I worked at the arm/de-arm shack at the end of the runway. I'll always remember "Major Woofer", the first dog to fly a combat mission when we left DaNang, and landed at the Rose Garden. Thanks, Lt. Terry Owen.


Hicock, Walt, Captain RIO with VMFA-115. Into the "garden" with the squadron and out when the wouldn't let us plow up Laos anymore.

Hill, Rickey D.  E-3   USMC  MABS-15  MAG 15 Comm 72-73 Currently  Aurora, Colorado

Hinds, John, I was attached to MABS- 15, MAG-15, Task Force Delta, 1st MAW.. I can remember when i went there from Okinawa (58 of us) to set up security for the Seabee's to do work on an old airstrip.. we were told not to tell anyone about this it was supposed to be hush hush. we had c-rations at first, then finally a temperary outdoor mess hall, You would get your chow then run back through the mess line an dip your mess gear in garbage cans of hot water. at first we had no way of taking showers or even washing up. finally we got a water buffalo to get our drinking water out of along with howlazone tablet to stick in your canteen of water.. later we finally got wooden pellets and 55 gallon barrels of water we could clean up our selves using our helmets to fill up and rinse off with.. this was alot better than waiting for rain so we could take a shower. I can remember alot of us would get all lathered up with soap then the rain would stop before we got rinsed off.( that really sucked) I was a security guard at the time. we would patrol the bomb dumps which was kind of scary because alot of the bombs was leaking stuff out of the head of the bombs, i was told it was napalm look like a silver ice cube but in a jelly form. we Randy Greene, Joe Rossi and I ran alot of jungle patrols there was one more guy but i can,t think of his name i was one of the first ones to get there and one of the first to leave. Later after i rotated out of there i came down with hepatitis Sempher Fi !  I would like to here from some other people from there, I know i have forgotten alot of names of people there.  Semper Fi. you can contact me at


Horne, David A. (Dave) MSgt USMC Ret. 1960-1980 VMFA-115 Radar GySgt 1972-3 Currently resides in Alexandria,            VA

Howard Tom, came to the garden from danang with 232

Howell, Jefferson Davis "Beak", Major, USMC, VMFA 115 . Flew in from Danang on the first day of operations and rotated out in May of '73.

Ronald L Howington. I was deployed to Rose Garden in June 1972 until July of 1973. Originally assigned to H&MS -15 Flight Equipment and re-assigned to VMFA -232 A short time later. Got to do all the fun stuff….Mess Duty, Heavy drinking and those really great walks in the rain, and mud and bugs. Not to mention the Rose Garden weight loss program. (Dysentary) Looking

For anyone from Red devils flight equipment or seat shop. Particulary Dean Maretick and Tom Epting . can be reached at s/f Ron howington


Hughes, Rick- Orders Clerk with MABS=15 from the begining to the last of Apr 73.  I live in Lapine, OR and my e-mail add is


Hunhoff, Dan, Cpl. Clerk in MABS 15 office 72.  Currently I'm a Physical Therapist.  Wife and four kids.  Living in Yankton, South Dakota.

Bob J. Hunter I was one first Marines at the Rose Garden and worked on the LOX, ran patrols, put up barb wire, etc...

Hurd Ron L/Cpl Mar 73-retrograde Sept 73 LSG Delta. Currently resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

Hutchins, James L. "Hutch" VMFA 232 Radar Shop 1973 discharged July 1978 MCAS Beaufort, SC.  Contact

Hutchison  D. Michael (HUTCH), E-3 U.S.M.C. MABS-15, MAG15, Base communications, 1973 - 1973, Goshen   IN.                  

Jackson, Glenn Sgt. VMA (AW) 533 Elect. Shop. April '72 - April '73. Memories that have lasted a lifetime. Now a Federal Officer with US Customs and Border Protection stationed in Los Angeles. e-mail   

Jacobson, Jake, Captain, USMC, RIO and S-1 with VMFA-115.  Flew in with 115 at the beginning and was there until I rotated back to the states in November '72.

Jarvis, Karl S. "C" left the Corps a corporal out of Cherry Point, was at the "Garden as part of the original payroll team. We came to visit and ended up staying. I got out of the service in 1974 and took up work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a civilian until Jan. of 2001 when I was retired due to a disability. I'm living in Billings, Montana and attending college for a degree in Drafting my e-mail address is  . I remember stealing Romex wire from the CB's so we could get our cots high enough out of the mud to sleep which would pre-date the wet tent photo some as they hadn't built the wood part of the hootch yet.

Jennings, Acie B. Sgt.,H&MS-15 LOX section-left Iwakuni in spring of '72 for the P.I., ended up in the Rose Garden in the summer and rotated out in August '72 to Cherry Point and requested another trip and came back to Nam Phong in the spring of '73 and was one of the last out in the fall of '73. For the last 20 years have been a large animal veterinarian in the state of Texas.  

Jones,Jimmie C. PFC.1st MAW,MAG-12,H&HS-18,MWSG1 Human Helations.Anybody (especially any of the other discussion leaders)from this unit who was there at the Rose Garden during Aug and September of '72 please feel free to contact me

Capt. Mike Kah, VMFA 232,   I was there from the “beginning” until December 1972.

Kalokowski Jr., Henry P. Sgt., E5.  VMFA-115, medivaced from "Rose Garden" in July, 1972. 

Kauffman,Terry  Lcpl  I served in Nam Phong from February 1973 to September 1973 (approximate date of closing the base).  I was a LCpl assigned to VMGR152 and worked as an Aircraft Electrician on KC130s. I currently live in Orange, California and work as a Manager of Technical Operations (computer stuff) for a marketing company in Laguna Hill, CA.Anyone who thinks they served with me let me know and/or send pictures.  I have a large collection of photos that I am going to make available to the site - lots of faces and places.

Kehn, Jim  Was a SGT with MACS-4 (radar tech) on the far side of the 
runway.  One of the early arrivals.  Recall, a pole truck (Comm) I 
believe hitting a C-141 as it taxied.  Lots of great guys there.  Either hot 
as hell or raining.  I was only there during the summer months as I 
rotated stateside in September.  Retired as a LDO Captain in 1989.  Still 
supporting the Marine Corps on a contract with Northrop Grumman in 
Quantico area.E Mail or
kelly, james.  cpl.  supply connected to the ch-46s (frog 
fliers)  was there from aug 72 to oct 73.  trying to locate others in 
the supply unit.  memory these days are as fleeting as the years.  
remember a sgt humphry and his eternal candle.  would always have someone 
bring in some of those like 8 inch round candles and just put them on top of the 
old, melted down ones.  every new one had to be a different color.  
was quite extensive by the time i rotated out.  tried to extend but my time 
overseas was too short.  a pretty cool working environment.  combat 
boots, with socks of course and usually just a pair of shorts.  since we 
weren't allowed to have weapons, i always kept my k bar strapped to my 
leg.  one of the best things about being there were the scorpion fights 
that we had.  lol.  also, when bob hope put on that show.  that 
was cool.  and lets not forget the generals base party with our 55 gal drum 
grills.  it definitely was one of the best times i spent on active 
duty.  am now semi retired, trying to get social security disability and 
compensation from the va.  have a son in the army who is with 
apachies.  has spent 1 tour in iraq and 1 in korea so far.  is going 
to afghanastan sometime between now and dec.  asking everyone who reads 
this to pray for his safe return
Key, Michael (Mike) Sgt. U.S.M.C. 
VMFA-232 I was in the Flight Equipment shop as a Cpl. when we left Iwakuni in 
April 1972 for DaNang, While serving there I received the rank of Sgt. then in 
July of 1972 the squadron moved to the Rose Garden. I was there with Sgt. Dan 
Adams (Whom I still stay in contact with) Yes Dan is correct in saying we only 
got a shower once a week unless it rained.. We only had a 10,000 foot runway and 
four metal buildings when we first got there. First thing they built was a six 
seater outhouse(bring your own paper.) I guess I was lucky, I rotated back to 
Iwakuni before they put up tent city....Ya know thinking back sure is Humbling, 
And I would not trade a single day of it for anything.. It help make me the 
person I am today. I Miss my old Buddies and reading some of the names here 
really makes me feel PROUD to know that I served with some of the FINEST men 
that America had to to offer.. Semper Fi  my Friends. My e-mail address is If you remember 
me send me a line..
Terry F. Kidwell USMC, MABS-15 1972-73
 U.S. Department of State Bureau for International Narcotics  and Law Enforcement Affairs Office of Iraq Programs Pro-Telligent, LLC Contractor 202-736-4381 Office 703-303-4615 Mobile
Richard M. Kilgore
Seabee Steelworker SW-2  Was among the first Seabees in Nam Phong
along with 44 others comprising the Air Detachment (AirDet).  We had the
task of making ready for the rest of the Seabee Battalion- about 600 strong - and
all those Marines.  Laid airfield matting, constructed large tents, metal
buildings for the Marine chow hall, water tanks, jet revetments, fuel stations,
roads, living quarters (strongback tents) and the rest.  Great respect for
the jarheads who slept on the ground and ate their dinner from a c-rat can until
we built them a place to live.  Traded food for labor with a bunch of
those guys who helped lay the airfield and fill sandbags for bridge
abutments.  Can Do—Semper Fi—Never Quit & Never Leave a
Man Behind
Richard M. Kilgore
1201 N. Carroll Ave.

Southlake, TX

(817) 310-0987
(817) 310-0999 fax
sam kimmerly served dec72 to june 73 in motor pool came from okanawa picked 
up movies and work in em club pfc at the time
BU3 Donald King, Mobile Construction Battalion (MCB) Five, Charlie Company, 1st Platoon.  Arrived at Nam Phong in May 72.  Currently working at Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy, PWD.  I can be reached at

Kirby, George A, GySgt.  USMC Ret. MABS-15 Comm (Comm Center) currently residing in Cleveland, OH,  Phone at 216-741-2311.....visitors welcome...

Klein, Scott , Sgt. Assigned H&MS 15 Lox section. Remember the heat , mud, and sweaty cold cut meats at the mess hall. Was not a hard place to lose weight. It seemed in addition to our normal tasks we always had some sort of construction projects that made for some pretty long days and nights. Most of all I remember a lot of good men getting each other through difficult times. Could never imagine  being with a better group of guys. Rotated out and got involved with Helicopters, stayed in the reserves for awhile until they decided to disband the helicopter squadron and decided the infantry was not for me. Currently I am the Chief-Pilot for multinational Corporation flying all over the world in a Falcon 900 out of Pontiac Michigan. Thanks for putting this sight together it really brings back the memories.

Koehnen, Michael (Mike) E-5 USMC 1970-74.  VMFA 115 Ordnance. E-4. 1972-73.  

Kohler, Edward J; MOS 6659 Avionics.  Corporal.  Transferred to Da Nang June 1972 as part of H&MS-15 WC 630.  Sent to Nam Phong in June 1972 to May 1973.  Rotated back to MCAS Cherry Point.  Remember the evening showers made out of pipe that were on the flight line behind the hanger buildings and later using a Ritz can to shower with from the water tanks.   Also, before the mess hall was built, eating lunch on the flight line between the two hangers while watching the planes land from missions.  Currently reside in Southern Illinois

Knowlden, Marcus arrived in MCAS Rose Garden, Royal Thai Air Force base Nam Phong Thailand, in May 72, as a LCPL,  when it was just a cement slab for a runway and you got to live in a tent on the side of the runway. Our crew, MABS-15 worked closely with the Seabees to lay the interlocking AM-2 Aluminum matting that made up the Extended Flight line, and then installed the M-21 Arresting gear on the midfield and on both ends of the runway. Stayed till I rotated back to the states in Sept, 72 as a Corporal. Following my rotation I was married in Sept 72, and went to Cherry Point WERS 27 SATS My oldest son was born there and I had two sons. Marcus Jr. and Grant. Married to Peg for 31 years. I can be reached at

Kraft, Mark T. VMFA-115 Hydraulic Shop 1972-1973 worked under GySgt. E.K.Cannon After rotating back to El Toro, got back seat license for F-4 and got to fly over 80 hours mostly fly/repair. Got to fly back seat in Fallon , NV on some bombing training missions. Dropped 500 lb ‘ers in the desert. It was sheer enjoyment after wondering what it was like for our pilots and rios, even though it was just a slight peek into their efforts and training. Hearing their post flights and debriefs after many missions always gave me the urge to experience a piece of what went on. I will never forget my Rose Garden experience nor the rush of a flight in our F4’s. While in Fallon , NV I got to fly back seat with Capt. Echternach or Priestner, not sure which one.

Kuheim, Harry  VMFA 115  I was in Ordnance from Feb.5 to Aug. 15 . I think I downloaded the very last 82s of the war.  I live in Friday Harbor, Wa.

Kurtz Jesse W. U.S. Marines. I was sent to the Rose Garden from Okinowa on a secret mission When Nixon started moving troops out of Nam. None of us sent knew where we were going until we were on the plane and one of the crew told us. He was amazed that we didn't know where we were going. I was part of the crew that helped put up the constatina wire and secured the base for the sea bees and the Marine air wing. I was promoted to corporal and put in the make shift MP unit. Now living in the Twin Cities. I would love to hear from some of my old friends from the Garden. SGTJWK@AOL.COM


Kraft, Mark T. VMFA-115 Hydraulic Shop Currently resides in Sonora, CA

Krone, Mel, Captain USMC, NFO with VMFA 115 from entry to the Garden in June 72 until I rotated in March of 73.   

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