Nam Phong Roster

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Jack J LaBrake, Sgt. operated the MARS station under Gsgt Dave Littleton. Arrived Feb 73 and was there till the end. Caught one of the Last C5's to leave, went to Iwakuni and worked the MARS station there. I reside in northern NY.

Lane, C.C. HM3, FMF, USN.  Arrived at NamPhong June 4, 1972 joining Task Force Delta, MAG15 as a security attachment.  Soon after arrival, the CB's began constructing the 'hard-backs'.  I remember helping run a lot of barbed wire!  I don't know if that was to keep the potential enemy out or to keep us in!  Nevertheless, I have some good memories...and some 'scary ones' as well!  2dLT Rose (B.F.), I remember well! Ran  patrols with him.  Trips to Udorn for R&R were particularly eventful!  There were a number of corpsmen that come over with me.  I often wonder what happened to them:   Bill Barker, Dollar, Bill Miller, VanBuskirk, Delgado, Leidinger, Robert Rhoades (Teddy Bear), John Henshaw, and R.C. Gould!  I left the Navy in 1979 (gave them 10 1/2-years).  I am now living in the Houston-Metro area and provide sales and service to the medical imaging community.  I have a lot of pics of the camp that I will download and submit soon!  As a grunt corpsman serving 8 1/2 years with the 3rd Marine Division (3/9), 1st MAW, and the 1st Marine Division at Pendleton, I can now say that I was honored to serve!  Lots of Memories!

Lanni, Phil  USMC 1970 - 1974  VMA(AW) 533 S-3, Iwakuni, Japan Nov 71 - Jul 72; Nam Phong Thailand, Jul 72 -                   Nov 72.  North Andover, MA; email

Lester, Chuck Sgt., Nam Phong 8/72 through 8/73, MABS 15, MATCU-62 air traffic controller (tower).   Now Dr. Chuck Lester, psychologist of Anchorage Alaska, living with my wonderful wife of 25 years with two grown children.


 Leverett,Michael, Cpl.  I was part of VMFA-115 metal shop from Nov. 72-Dec-73.  I spent time in PI  as part of the calendar inspection crew and made the move to Okinawa with the squadron.  Currently living in Monterrey, Mexico as the QA/QC Manager of a aerospace machining company.  Married to a former Marine.

Sgt Kyle Lewis, G-1 Headquarters Task Force Delta, next to the CG's office.  From early 1972 till we pulled out in August of 1973.  E-mail   Now I run a Security and Investigative Agency.

Lewis, John MGySgt Retired. I joined VMFA 115 in January 72 as a SSgt. MOS 6042. Mostly ran night crew metal shop. Deployed to Haha, Okinawa until they sent us to Da Nang in April, then on to the Rose Garden in June. I left the Silver Eagles in late October to return to Iwakuni then back to the world. Lots of memories of  Nam Phong, most of them are actually good ones. It didn't seem like fun at the time, but when I look back, it was an experience I wouldn't have wanted to miss. Weekend trips to Udorn, one of 115's Phantoms catching fire in the fuel pits due to some guy from GSE driving a tug with no muffler and the sparks ignited the fuel coming out of the aft dump mast, one of 232's aircraft rolling down the ramp and hitting one of 115's planes because the parking brake wasn't set. For the first few weeks before MABS got the showers up and working, I remember stopping work on the jets when a rainshower came up and everyone getting undressed and standing by the side of one of the five buildings so water would run off the roof to take a shower. I remember the CO of 115 giving the entire squadron a VD lecture which included proper use of a condom, using his fingers as a training aid. Bad memories of too many opportunities for troops to get access to drugs. Never could understand sending a young marine to Clark AFB for drug rehab then bringing him right back to a place where the locals had free access to the living area. Will always remember the "jungle bunnies". e-mail    

Logan,Chris, Sgt, Radar shop, 1st plane to land at Rose Garden thru 3/73.  Now in Days Creek, Oregon. MARCRISL@YAHOO.COM (the caps help avoid confusion on the L). 

Logan, Jim, Sgt,VMFA115 Radar Shop.  Aug 72-June 73.  Now living in Renton, Washington.  

Loughmiller, Ralph Thomas responding to messages from
Tom Bailey and any other jarhead at the Rose Garden.
Now living in Kansas City.  E-mail       OORAH

Love, Peter C. "Pete" (Coach) RIO with VMFA-232.  I was with "232" when we deployed to Da Nang in April of 72. and then to the Rose Garden in June.  I left the Rose Garden for my rotation home the day after the "Paris Peace Accord Cease Fire" when into effect. at the end of Jan, 73.  Just how bad was the Rose Garden? "The Brass" decided to give the Air Crews a day of R & R by letting us spend a night in Da Nang (AKA. Rocket City)  We thought that was a "Good Deal".    

Luketich, Ronald   Cpl.  TAD'd from Iwakuni to MAG-15 at Danang.  Rumor was that when we pulled out we were going back to the world.  Possibly Cherry Point.  Instead we found ourselves at THE FABULOUS ROSE GARDEN.  I think I got the better of the deal.  No PARADISE HOTEL in North Carolina.  Thanks Mike for the great web site.  It reminded me that IT REALLY HAPPENED!!!  Rose Garden from June 72-Feb 73.  Discharged from New River in Aug 73 as a Sgt.  Married 26 years with 3 kids.  e-mail

Carl "Gunny" Lundgren. I went from Iwakuni to Nam Phong with H&MS-15 at the beginning. I was a day late getting there because the C141 transport I was on had a mechanical problem and had to return to Clark AFB for repair before going on to Thailand. Spent a night at a hotel in the PI partying before making it to the Garden. Was with SACE 650. Made corporal there. My email is

My name is Mark Lyon.  I was a Sargent in the USMC attached with VMA 533 in Nam Phong, Thailand in from 1972 to 1973.  I worked in the Ordnance shop and loaded bombs and missiles on the A-6 aircraft.  I remember the airstrip that I worked on as a strip of jungle that the See Bee's carved out for us.  I played the guitar allot and sang at bonfires for many of my fellow Marines at night.  If anyone who was there with me would like to correspond with me over old times, my all means, go ahead and do so.  Lt. English.........are you still out there?
I now live in Southern California and sell Real Estate.  I am married and used to have five grown and gone.
I am doing well.
                                                        Sgt Mark E. Lyon

Magness, Tim, I was the 1st Maw HQ S-3 chief at Nam Phong. Lot's of cobra stories and other viper related snake stuff. Lot's of data from the site medical director re: liberty trips to Ubon or Udorn.

Martin, Dale E   Cpl with VMFA 115 Flight Line,  Arrived at Nam Phong from Da Nang when it first opened in June 72 until I rotated back in Feb 73 When we got there we the only thing there were 7 hangars, we slept in the top and worked in the bottom, took showers out on the runway at 5 every day when it rained, almost like clockwork. Anybody else form VMFA 115 on here?

Martin, Terrence J. (John) USN: 1969 - 1973. HM2 (Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class) FMF 10/69 - 1/73.  Task Force Delta 5/72-12/72.

Martin, Terry  SSGT with VMFA 232 Radar shop jun -dec 72. Contact info . any one remember the ice runs, or maybe the nam phong blues.

Mason, Kyle, USMC, MWHS-15, MABS 15, (2511-0151), Nam Phong '72-'73, Discharged: 3 MAW, MWHS 3, MCAS El Toro. US Marine Corps League, Central Missouri Detachment, Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International 

Massey Jesse, Msgt Retired. I went to the Rose Garden with VMFA 232 from Danang in '72. I was power Plants NCOIC

Gerald H Massey CWO - 4 retired
22 July 1972 to 21 June 1973 MABS 24 (HEAD JUNKER ) came across the Rose Garden blog while searching for Col Aubrey Talbert and Then MAJ D J Kieley. Looking for anyone who were there during my timein paradise. YEAH NAM PHONG.    


Mathias, Lee E. – Hospital corpsman attached to the 1st Marine aircraft wing.  FMFPAC to Mag-15 Task force Delta in August of 72 at The Rose Garden. Participated in Campaign XV while attached to Mag-15-(FWD) First Marine Aircraft Wing FMF.  Service was during the period 18 Aug. 72 to 01 Dec. 72.  Looking for anyone who served with me at the BAS.  Also looking for my buddies Jack Masek, Richard Dees and Skip Bennett.  Anyone with information can email me at:

MAY, William F., SSGT USMC 1970-1978 MCRD, Camp Pendelton, '71 NATTC NAS Lakehurst New Jersey for SATS "C" School '71 MCAS  El Toro - MABS 13 L&R, '72 Nam Phong - MAG-15 L&R (Launch and Recovery), '73 MCAS Cherry Point - WERS 27 - Legal Admin, '74MCAS El Toro - MAG 13 Legal Admin, '77 MCAS Iwakuni, '78 EOS! Now reside Racine, Wisconsin


McGee,   Robert (Bobby) SGT.;USMC 08/69-09/73; VMA(AW)224 Cherry Point,N.C. 04/70-04/71, VMA(AW)533 Japan 04/71-04/72, VMA(AW)224 CVA-43 Corral Sea 04/72-07/72, VMA(AW)533 Namphong, Tailand 07/72-08/72, JMCJ-1 (or 2 I forget) El Toro, Calif. 09/72-09/73 Discharged 09/18/73.  MOS's: J52 Mech, A6A Plane Capt., J79 Mech, RF-4B Plane/Capt., NCOIC Check Crew A6A/J52. Currrently owner of R/CAR (Rods/Customs & Restorations) Custom Fabrication and Panel  Shop Berlin, CT.  Email:

McGinley, Mike, 1/lt, CommO (2502) TAD from MWSG-18, 1st MAW to MAG-15 from August '72 until RTD May'73. Retired Detective Phila. Pa. Police Dept. Still residing in the Phila area. e-mail:

My name is pfc Michael MCELroy I was there in 1972 in feb and left there in 73 . I was in supply admin and when I first got there the seebee’s.Were just finishing out clearing the area . we were on the second wave, and I remember udon, I used to go outside the camp in the night ,with the bunnies and Go to khon koon. Looking for anyone from 1st marines div stationed there .I left Okinawa on a float in feb 72 going to thailand and couldn’t wear are marines ensignas On are uniforms, or decals on our trucks until later after the locals knew we were there. Looking for some of those early pics  .

                                                          To all my fellows marines that are serving and have serviced

                                                                                                    SEMPER FI!


McGowan, William J - Master Sergeant USMC Retired (Sergeant while at the rose Garden - got promoted to Staff Sergeant the day I left Nam Phong!) I worked in the MAG Ops Shop (S-3), then - part way through my tour - I became the Airfield Ops Chief. I worked for Major Buchannon in that little white building on the runway that said "Welcome to RTAFB Nam Phong."  One of my more memorable moments was the night the general's "one-holer" was turned upside down - whoever did it should have received an award - it sure boosted my morale!  I still have the "program" from the Marine Corps Birthday Ceremony at Nam Phong in my scrapbook  Warm regards to all my friends and survivors of the Rose Garden - we're a special breed - we are!  I'm now a college professor in Upstate NY.  My email is mwmcgowan@  or  

Mendoza, Tony - Sgt. USMC - "Task Force Delta" - I was at Camp Rose Garden from April '72 - August '72. Three other Marines were with me, in the beginning:  Lt.Col. Ricard E. Hawes, Cpl. Watson; and a MGySgt, whose name I can't remember.  We were sent in by 1st MAW, MWHS-1 from Iwakuni, Japan.

Miller, David, Pfc - LCpl;  Intell with VMFA 115 and MAG 15 of Task Force Delta.  Iwakuni to DaNang for the Easter Invasion of '72.  On the Nam Phong where we all lived in utterly miserable conditions.  Extended my tour serving 18 months, returned to Amphib Base in Coronado, CA;  made Sgt eventually and discharged in Nov. 1977.  Went back into the reserves at Camp Pendleton with the 4th LAV Bn, called up during Desert Storm but never made to my unit since the war ended so quickly.  Now living in Coronado, CA, work in my law practice doing civil trial work.  Married with three daughters, one in the Air Force basic training now.  Call me at 619-238-8015;  email at  Once a Marine, always a Marine !  SEMPER FI

Miller, Michael C., Sgt., MAG 15 Ordnance--Worked in the Rose Garden Bomb Dump and Missle Shop--June '72 to May '73. Live in Claremont, N.C.

Miller, Phil “PG”, Cpl, H&MS-15, SACE 650, worked on INS gyros, got to Nam Phong, Mid-Late June ’72, left late June ’73. Got there when the SeaBees where still building roads and hootches and left after it had become the country club that we all remember. Currently in Maple Grove, MN. Email is

Millner, Charles M.(Mike)  (AKA Bruno) USMC: 1970 - 1975 Rank: Sgt. Unit: VMGR152 MOS: 6782 (Radio Operator / Loadmaster C-130) E-Mail:

Mitchell, Ron 1970-1991 Retired GySgt  Been from F4s/53s/46s/Hueys/Cobras/OV-10s/Recruiting and the Field.  Best tour by far was the Rosegarden 72-73.  Now a shipyard supervisor in San Diego.

Monge,Mario sgt mos 6077 served w/h&ms-20, cherry pt., n. Carolina, onto Iwakuni, Japan, next to rose garden mag-15 end of ’73 and beginning of ’74. I never got any credit for being over there, to which I was there almost 90 days. Anyone who served w/mag-15 maint please contact me, @ Also in ’75 H&MS-20 FMFAtlantic fast pitch softball champs anyone who played on that team please contact me. AHHOOOORA

Money, Terry  Cpl. - - H&MS 15 for a short time. Then I transferred to VMFA-232. H&MS had needed a clerk, and I knew how to type. It was good duty. Then go Red Devils. Got my motto off the hangar: Willingness is a state of mind; Readiness is a matter of fact.  Arrived in January 73 and froze that night, because there were no blankets! Thanks to Byron Smeltz in H&MS for the loan of one. Hard to remember everything, but the memories I can hang onto are great. The women spoiled me with those cold towels at the E-club (Thank you, Pawn, Noi, Toi, Jom, etc. :*) It was always pure love. The red sand, the lukewarm showers and the lizards singing lullabyes.  Bus rides to Udorn and the lucky number on a 130 for 4 days in Bangkok with my friend Steve Smith. anded in Olongopo after the evac of the Rose Garden, and back to Iwakuni, then ran out my enlistment in 1978 at Yuma, Arizona. VMFAT-101.
Had TAD trips to Nellis, Top Gun, Hill AFB. I'll go anywhere as long as someone else pays for it.
Living in Dallas and keep in close touch with Steve, "Snake"Stearns, and Ron Beach. Three great friends that NamPhong sent my way.
Met some others I'd like to hear from: Jack Simon, Ed 'Yogi' Sheard, and Gunny Richard Warfield, W-1 Bauer

Moore, Richard   L/Cpl. / 2111   Served with Security Element as the armorer from Christmas Day '72 til Sept '73. Would like to swap sea stories about the Garden and try to find some of the guys from Comm, Armory or Supply. email me at

Moreno, Jon Juan Sgt. comm section 72 -73 Now living in Cincinnati. My e-mail

I joined H&MS-36 in April of 1973. When I checked into the Hydraulic 
shop, Gunny Wiggins was the NCOIC. He asked me ' ever heard of the Rose 
Garden?" I said "the song?' "No, the place, I need a guy to go TDY for 
two weeks. Well I did the two weeks and wish I could have stayed longer. 
Rich Rowtan was there and later on he came back to Hams. When I came 
back they put me in the tire shop and I humped those damn C-130 wheels 
wiyh Hollis Henderson. I had a damn good time there. I later ran into 
Rich in Isfahan Iran with Bell Helicopter in the rotor shop. I worked 
there till just before the craziness started, and went to work with 
Lockheed in Saudi Arabia. I finally settled down and got married and have two 
kids, my son has been in the Corps for over 5 years now and is 
stationed at Cherry Point, I also have two grandkids. My first wife trashed all 
my photos from that time period. Looking at the ones on the website 
brought back a lot of memories. Good Luck to all who served there and 
other places.Semper Fi, Larry Muncy, Savannah, Georgia. I can be reached at
Moyer, (then) Captain, USMC, Team Commander, 7th Counterintelligence
Team.  As one of only two CI men then in the Far East who spoke Thai, I
came down from Iwakuni early-on, maybe Day Two.  Met up with the other
Thai speaker, (then) MSgt Tom Knoll, who came in from Okinawa and a different CI team.  Together we created Detachment
B, 7th CI Team, attached to and supporting the task force.  I brought
my jeep, jeep-mounted radio and trailer.  Outside the trailer were two
five-gallon water cans
with potable water.  Inside the trailer (covered tightly with the
canvas top) were about eight cases of beer and two cases of various
kinds of hard liquor.  As my background was grunt (I had 20 years
service at the time), I also knew the Wingies wouldn't know anything
about living in primitive conditions, so also brought down odds and
ends of small plastic bowls for holding water, silver-plated steel
mirrors for shaving and other sundries in various amounts.  I brought
these goodies not out of kindness, but for one single purpose - barter.
 And they were worth their weight in gold.  One hard night of drinking
between Tom Knoll and the master chief at the construction battalion (Seabees),
and the next day at the spot Tom and I had selected there was a large
dozer scraping the ground, tearing up underbrush and knocking down
trees, and an hour later a huge forklift started bring over all the
components for our Seahut.  They also brought us our own two-holer,
although I don't think it was ever necessary to use both holes at the
same time.  I rotated home before the end of the year, Tom stayed on
for nearly two years.  Early-on we struck up liaison with the province
chief in Khon Kaen, as well as with the district chiefs and their
intelligence officers in the province.  From them we collected
intelligence on a regular basis regarding the movement of CTs
(communist terrorists) and their activities.  We explored far and wide,
even developing relationships with village headmen, and did our male
bonding with them by drinking their monkey-blood whisky when we
visited.  We maintained a low profile, as was our practice through the
war in Vietnam, and other than the CO of the security force and some of
his officers, and BGen Andy O'Donnell and his staff, most people
probably didn't know we were there.  We were also the first from the
task force to drive up to the airbase and establish liaison with their
AF G-2 and his deputy, a major, who were entirely forthcoming and bent
over backward to give us whatever they could, including verifying that
I had tickets for TS/SCI, so I could be briefed verbally and could then
verbally brief my own CG and G-2.  (Our comms took a long time to get
"up," and even then, there was no place to store TS/SCI material, so it
couldn't be sent to us.)  The very early days, long before any squadron
aircraft ever appeared, were truly in the "expeditionary" mode.  No
potable water at all for several weeks, no food other than Charlies.
 The potable water we did get had to be brought in by truck, and never
seemd to be enough.  I think the other conditions and their gradual
improvement are probably well-covered by others on your site.  This
little synopsis if probably more than you wanted or expected,
especially since it's from a non-Winger - but hopefully might add a
dimension to the Garden that might not otherwise be seen.  Semper
Fidelis, Sam Moyer.
Munoz, Alexander D.  with VMGR-152  Sgt.  Was 1stMech. Also tin bender

Mynuk,Dennis (BUFF). I was in VMFA 232 in 71/72 , in Viet Nam and Nam Phong. I was in the ordinance shop. I still wear Capt Breuer's POW/MIA bracelet and think of everyone who was there often. I am interested in keeping in touch


Nielsen ,John , i was a l/cpl with 533 in avionics shop . i came back from canada when i was drafted and jioned the marines. i was married and had two sons while in the marines and later a daughter. i have 8 grandkids and my daughter and her kids having medical problems .my sons kids are all fine. i have been trying to find bill marsh a marine from kentucy since i finished college in 1976. my email is and my phone is 907-776-8535 if anyone knows bill have him call me

Nelson, Dan - L/CPL  Orders to Iwakuni out of Crypto Schl at Mare Island - June '73, wound up at the Rose Garden (long, incredible story, 6622 MOS in 610 H&MS?  Appeared they needed a messman *real bad*). Ceased hostilities 8/15/73 - helped pack up the base and off to Subic 9/04/73 "Operation Pegasus" supporting 232. So what if Radar (630) burned up the power cables, we took over the Coral Sea (and a Navy 6-by that didn't look like the squids  were using either - looked better painted olive-drab anyway) and kept 'em in the air. Back to Iwakuni 11/73, back to the world (if MCAS Yuma can be called that) 6/74. Mike - thanks for the site, it proves Nam Phong wasn't all a dream (I was beginning to wonder). Anyone ever come up with a recipe for "fawkew-lizard" stew?

 NETZNIK, Jeffrey (Jeff) AKA: Pop Knucklehead: USMC 1972-75, Sgt. E-5. Nam Phong: L/Cpl; MAG-15, Task Force Delta, Utilities (Water Supply/ Shower Units). (Plt 286 Parris Island; Aug.-Oct.72, MCES Camp Lejeune; Oct.72 - Jan.73, Iwakuni, Japan; Feb.73, Nam Phong; Feb.- Sept.73. Iwakuni; Sept.73 - Feb.74, 2nd Combat Eng. Camp Lejeune Mar.74 - Aug. 75)  

Nix, Alan L/cpl while in Nam Phong from dec 72 until July 73 Cook/ 3371 Mag 15- Mab 15 out of Iwakuni Japan. Enlistment dates April 1972 toApril  1976 Final Rank Sgt/ E-5 Chief Cook  Man was it HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah those were real eggs, not powdered. I cracked more there, then any place else during my military service  

Noe, Robert (BOB) Cpl H&MS-15 Cryogenics (Made the cold stuff) Arrived at Rose Garden June 1972 RTD'ed August 1972. Live in St. Louis area. e-mail

Null,Ronald o. sgt Was tad out of El toro to vma 533 flightline.served as ncoic for one night,due to a lot of miscommunaction.As punishment i was to be sgt of the guard.As we all know 24 hour shifts left me no job.Solution,you are now ncoic of the soda mess.I loved that job for a whole lot of reasons. stayed for 3 months and rotated back to El toro. currently live 30 miles north of san antonio,

OBrien, Thomas L., Sgt 2831 TAD to Task Force Delta from MWCS 18 Maintenance in Iwakuni.  Did two tours in Iwakuni 73-74,74-75.  One tour in Nam Phong, 74, 75 Worked the TRC-97 comm link with Sgt Jerry Bowens. Accompanied the convoys that ran down to the port of Sattahip during the closing process.  Was hanging out with a girl named Qwan at the strawroofed e-club, where we used to get cold towels.  Flew out on a C5 at the end back to Iwakuni.  Was a short timer, and became CO’s driver at MWCS 18 until relad in Aug of 75.  Now biomedical engineer and quality manager in Orlando Fl.  

Chuck Ogden Sgt E5 1972 & 73 H&MS 15 Cryogenics we were the ones that keep your BEER cold, Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen was our specialties. Some of the crew Spud (no longer with us,in a better place now), Bob Hunter retired Pastman (by the way he never went postal on anyone in the states),Scott Kline now a fly boy, dam cars couldn't go fast enough, Marshall Ownby, Zabrowski, Lester Brown,Tillman. Hellman GSgt Shearer, SSgt Rich  and many others. If anyone reads this e-mail me and let me know how you are doing. 
Living in Minnesota, been here the last 21 years still married to my wife of 37 years Doreen, two kids Trina and Bob and two Grandkids Justin and Dani Joy. e-mail address is 


Oliveri, Martin Sgt USMC (1969-73)  with MCC-1, H&MS-15, anyone remember the white jeep running around) we were a calibration outfit.  I live in Oklahoma City.  glad to see that Nam Phong is getting some recognition. contact at   Semper Fi

Payne, Patrick F, HM2,  Rose Garden 1972-73 Pharmacy Tech

David Orr Sgt. S-3 VMFA-232, I was among the first into Nam Phong laying the matting to park the planes and set up our shop. I think July 4 1972 was the date when we had our first hot meal of boiled hotdogs and boiled potatoes. We also had a strip show with lots of beer that night and while walking back to the hooch someone stepped off in a piss tube. I can't remember his name but boy did he stink. We all gave him our water to somewhat clean up.

Ostapowicz, Jerry, SSgt, H&MS-15, Ordnance, took over the Mobile missle test van just before we pulled out for Iwakuni...

Ted Owens, LtCol USMC (ret).  Did my tour in reverse starting with Task Force Delta Staff until Col T. "saved me" for Mag-15 NATOPS.  Ended up in Ops with the RED DEVILS flying #3 with the red tail (5801).  The aircraft rotated to PAR in Atsugi the same time as I went home in July 73.  Col Jerry Ellis flew it the last leg from Iwakuni to Atsugi for me so I wouldn' miss the Freedom Bird home.  As Dick Ward said, I too miss the Marines and the good times of the Rose Garden.  Good memories, you all were the best. My email is

Semper Fi

I was in one of the first groups that came in from DaNang (June?); came loaded to the gills with canned food, candy, and whatever else we could get into the vans. Took showers on the flight line, got warm grub by putting the rats on the top of the van to heat in the sun. Worked in avionics, electric shop. I remember the bush bunnies, fresh fruit, kaopectate, salt tablets, and having to make my own cup from a beer can (for drinking water of course), and the dammed muddy trek from the flight line to the hootch. Left in October 72 back to Iwakuni, and back to the land of round eyes. One of the best times of my life.
Butch Paquette
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thomas A. Payne Sr VMFA 115 Powerplants, in country (DaNang April 72 to June 72 then to Rose Garden June 72 to Sept 72. Rotated back to real world end of time in Hell over. I was in from sept 66 to Oct 79. It took me a long time to make up my mind to get out. Proudly served my country in U.S.M.C. attained SSGT E-6 in 13 years. Tried recruiting duty rather than the drill field.Loved the Air Wing.Met many good friends while in and still trying to find some real good men.


Peever,Brent J. S/Sgt, MATCU-62 Air Controller.
How such a short time can bring a lifetime of memories.

Petrucci, Michael Cpl. (Whop) Communications,  Arrived Feb. 1973, Also operated the M.A.R.S. station along with Cpl. Jack LaBrake so that you guys could call home. Got Yelled at for having a sign above the old hut:"They never promised me a rose garden, but they sent me to one" If anyone has any info on Jack LaBrake or SSgt Heit from Billings Montana, let me know.   I live in Greensburg Pa. and just retired from the police force. Getting ready to move to Wyoming.  


Pleva Randy, Lcpl  with Security Element II, May 72 -November72. (3rd Bn.9th Marines). When we arrived in Nam Phong the only thing there was a big hanger where we slept for a couple of weeks til the tents were put up. No mess hall, showers, we did have a two holer. Patrols at night and laying wire and metal runway during the day.

Pollard, Tony  Maintenance Control Cpl Vmfa-115 Silver Eagles Worked with Gunnery Sgts Ron Sibley and A. Bone.  I had the privilege of communicating with Capt Joe Anderson recently, and he is now a retired Maj. General  former Commanding General of the 1st MAW  To those who may remember Cpl Ricky Blackford, (supply) sad to say that Rick rtd 6 of 73  and passed away the following Sept, He was a good friend of mine, enlisted together and served together in 115, and sadly missed. My E-mail addy is .  Feel free to send me correspondence.  I reside in Tipton, Indiana and work for Daimler Chrysler. If interested  every year in Kokomo, Indiana there is an annual Viet Nam reunion, that attracts many vets.  If you're interested please contact me.

Popiolek, Ed, Wing CEO office, arrived at Nam Pong/Rose Garden Early 1972.Arrived with a LtCol Bird and a Captain Smee.  Can't remember our drivers name.  I was a GySgt (5979) at the time and was filling an E-9 billet at Wing CEO office in Iwakuni till trip to Rose Garden.  When our team got there just the strip and guys on elephants.  CB's came a little later and starting building the strong-back tents.  I bunked with a bunch of Comm Guys from Wing H&S and remember bathing out of the 55 gal drums set up to collect rain water.  When it rained we went outside to shower in the rain.  Remember had to watch out for snakes in your gear under your cot.  I recall the week-end trips to Udorn and fun I had buying jade and rings for my wife and kids back in the world.  I do have a lot of pictures from the early days of our tour.  Those C5A's brought in a lot of stuff.  I rotated back to the states late "72 and transferred to Quantico with MTDS reserve unit on the Wing side of MCB Quantico, Was at Quantico till transferred to Recruiting School  in 1976 and duty as station commander MCRS Williamsport, Pa. Was there till I retired in Oct 1978.  Since I did attend C&E Schools in 29 Palms back in 1967 I had background and got into Telecomunications Business after I retired as a Master Sergeant in 1978.  Was a Union guy (IBEW) and worked till 1998 and went to work for Hospital System IT department, still there and still working everyday.  Great Job and work next to a retired USAF E-8.  I still love the Marine Corps.  My son went on active duty in 1980 and retired in 2002 as a CWO-3.  Of course I always tell him he may have been a WO but he could stay in for forty years but he will never be a Master Sergeant. e-mail


Prue, David B. Major, Mag-15 Aviation Safety Officer from April "72 until April '73 Flew with both VMFA-115 and VMFA-232. Wish I could remember the name of the trooper that was with me when we made the low pass over the runway and got chewed out by the MAG CO, Col. Talbert. We were only going about 500 kts. I don't know why they got upset.


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