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Rackleff, Robert,, Capt. RIO - MAG-15 Asst. S2. Flew with 115 and 232.  Live in Charlotte, NC.

Raper, Larry D., SGT USMC, Marine Liaison NSD, Jan-Sept 1972 , liaison for logistics division and wing. Mostly traveled from Danag to the Tose Garden, Currently living in Georgetown, Texas

Redmond, S. Paul  L/cpl USMC MABS-15 MAG-15 Crash Fire Rescue Jan-Sept 1973 Currently living in  Mountain Ranch,CA.

Remaly,Arlan R.(Arnie) Sgt. H&MS-15 Repaired the A6 Ballistic Computer system July 72- Aug-73, Live in Sinking Spring PA, 51 Years old,Married 30 Years, One son now serving in the Corps at Quantico, VA.

Reynolds, Thomas Douglas (Mort), Sgt. MACS-4 (the radar site across the runway). Nam Phong May - Aug 1972.  Part of Task Force Delta.  Live near Ashland,Ohio

Riddles, Ronnie (Ron)  MSgt USMC (Ret) I was in VMFA-115 Flight Line from Jun 73-Jun 74. I currently live in Duncan, Ok. Clifford (Kip) Ballenger who was in VMFA-115 Flight Line in 72 also lives here in Duncan. My E-Mail address is

Richards, Kriss M.  (Scrap Iron or Scrap Pile) Sgt. VMA (aw) 533 Metal Shop in 73.  Home is Salt Lake City.  I work for the Utah Dept. of Transportation as the Aircraft Maintenance Manager for the Division of Aeronautical Operations at SL International 

Roquemore, John L., , Sgt, VMGR-152, 3071, Aviation Supplyman,  Great tour for two Dets.  Have photos of the original Maintenance Control/Supply locker.  Retired in 1990 as a MSgt and live in the New Orleans Area.  Currently work for Louisiana State University, National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, Academy of Counter-Terrorism Education as an adjunct instructor.  Also served as President of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (2002-2004).
JOHN L. ROQUEMORE, Adjunct Instructor
Louisiana State University
National Center for Biomedical Research and Training
3026 Destrehan Avenue
Harvey, LA 70058

Cell #  (504) 460-8949


Russillo, Vic, Captain, RIO with VMFA 115, flew in from Danang and went home in October of 72, RSLO@AOL.COM  

Robinson , Kenn "Robbie" Navy Corpsman, HM2 Nov. 72 - Oct. 73.  

Robinson, Albert. Cpl. 6062 (Seat Shop) Rose Garden 'till Aug.'73, Naha, P.I. and Iwakuni for the remainder of the tour. Now residing in Memphis TN & fly for Fedex. Tony, you out there? Also like to find the guy that flew light aircraft out of Spanaway and Seattle WA. prior to the war that was on site in the same time frame but I don't have a name or MOS.  BTW, Did anybody ever figure out why the 0311's went crazy that summer? (remember the "round table)

Rodriguez Jr.Carlos M. L/CPL. L&R (Launch & Recovery) Nam Phong 1972-1973 Brooklyn,N.Y./West Palm Beach,Florida.. New tel #'s are 561-242-5365 or cell ph 561-644-6465. Email is: CIASpook02119@ Aol.Com or @ PalmBeachMCL.Org. Sign in to the site book & Post your message.

Ropski, Larry (Ski)..what else!!  Sgt.- Fire Control  VMA (AW) 533.  Iwakuni and Rose Garden-Nam Phong, March - Nov ''72. Task Force Delta.  C.O. was Lt.Col.  J.C. Brown (Buckeye 1).  I was lucky enough to have a seat card and fly.  Spent time with future astronaut and 2 star general, Charley Bolden, in both VMA-121 (Green Knights) Cherry Pt.and VMA-533 (Hawks). BE HUMBLE YOU COOL YOU MUTHAS' Living in Winder,GA .  

Roy, Richard  Cpl.  hydraulics  aug72 sept73 also a good buddy of tony pollard..rick blackford remember the mud the blood and the booze we sure shared alot>>> especially the bunnies. have lots of pics or for now tony has them from a visit and of course the red devil year book that holds many memories

EMERICK, RUSSELL M  SGT ...I was with MATCU 62, Apl 72 till around Oct 72... At the beginning of Task Force Delta when they flew us into the jungle in a 141 after we had only 24 hrs to pack from Japan....Just about 36 of us 3 or 4 Air Force Guys who met us and some Seabees....Of course who am I just a lowly Marine and I don't remember so good any more,,,I got brain damage  andam disabled from breaking my back while over there except it was just crushed  muscles so they said it then,,,now not so...anyway  had to leave after eight years as SSGT because of Rose Garden...But did get General O'Donnell as my taxi driver out of there on my C-130...SEMPER FI



Sabo, Richard L. (Habu), , Sgt, DPP-25, Camp Butler, Okinawa Japan, May 72 - Dec 72, Rose Garden, Denver, Colorado

Sallee, Terry D. Lance Corporal.  Sent to Nam Phong in April 1973 until the MAG-15 redeployed back to Iwakuni in September 1973.  Worked in the MAG-15 S-3 S&C.  LtCol Rocky Plante was the S-3 OIC, Captain Edelen the assistant S-3 OIC, and Lt "Thunder" Theune the Forstat officer.  Looking to hear from some of the other ops pukes like Gunny Meyers, Sgt Golden, Cpl Lech, or Sgt Fishel. Discharged from the corps in 1978 as an E-6.  Many fond memories of Nam Phong.  Currently reside in Pittsburg, Kansas working for a yellow page publishing company.  Email is  Semper Fi marines!

Sanders Jerry,Cpl HMS 36 Det D ,we had 3 CH46s flying search and rescue. I was the crewchief on a/c 154040. I had the honor of being the first crew at Nam Phong to get a rescue. An F-4 crew shot down in about Jul of 72. When we left Okinawa in Jun 72 our orders just said " CLASSIFIED" for the destination. When we got there we were alone with just our A/C and a long runway. After unloading from the C5A we slept on wooden pallets that night. The next day a C130 came in and off loaded tents and a bulldozer. Eventually the Rose Garden was built into the lovely place that it was. I have some good pics of the place.. <>

Sanders, Jerome Sgt/SSgt VM533 Radar from 1972 till rotation to Iwakuni Japan then back to the USA in 1973. Hello to all the Marines and I would like to know if anyone knows where Fredrick Danish ( Popin Fresh) is.. We lost contact after I rotaded back to PI for DI School.. SEMPER FI

Saunders, Dale CWO2 (7002), Crash and recovery Officer 1972-1973. Landed on the first Aircraft to arrive at the Garden to set up Fire and Protection for future flights. Had approximately 34 Marines and a coupe of TAU's mounted on personnel carriers. Great Duty if you didn't mind long days, C-Rats, Monsoons, Snakes, etc. Love to hear from any of the old crew.

Savage,Lynn E. (Doc),  Cpl.,VMA(AW)533 Ordnance. Iwakuni, Nov '71-Jun '72, Rose             Garden/DaNang, Jun'72-Nov '72. Battle Creek, Michigan

Schnell, John Cpl, Air Traffic Controller (MATCU-62) from June 1972 until January 1973. I was there for Linebacker II -- do you remember all the cells (flights of three) of B-52s flying overhead on return flights, after bombing runs over Hanoi/Haiphong? It's still one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. I'm currently teaching Marketing at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau, after working in marketing for IBM (16 years), and serving as a Business Advisor in the Peace Corps (Zimbabwe 1997-98). 


Schultz, Mark, SGT.    VMA(AW)533 Electric Shop, May 72- May 73, NamPhong.Currently reside in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire,

Schwerdtner, Frederick H. (Rick), Corporal, USMC, 1965-69, VMFA-115 Oct.67-Nov.68, currently living in Glendale Heights, Illinois,

Shields, David F. Opened the Rose Garden June 1972: With VMA 522 electric ship as a Lcpl.  Now I am a retired Cobra Pilot working with the US Army Apache Helicopters in South Korea. Dave Shields  Apache PM Korea 010-4613-2197  (cellphone in Korea) +82-10-4613-2197 (Cellphone if called internationally) +82-31-618-2197

Shaver, Robert, Cpl (sometimes referred to as 'Capt. Video', among other things...) In Nam Phong from January '73 to Sept '73. Worked in H&MS 15's SACE shop on the Grumman A6A's Vertical Display Indicator (VDI). Buzz Watson, Butch Folse, Ray Kopec, Rick Beck, Dean High-- where are you guys now?

Shook, Carlos H. (Chuck) Sgt. Was attached to LSG Task Force Delta Dec 72-Aug 73. Would like to hear from the guys I served with at ElMACO and the guard detail.138 Chapman Rd. Spartanburg SC 29303 or

Skinner, Donald G. ,USMC Sergeant 1970-1974. Flight Equipment, VMA AW 533, 1973.  Nam Phong Thailand (the Rose Garden) (hootch E-4) and Iwo Kuni.  Now living in Norman, Oklahoma and with the University of Oklahoma.


Smith, David A. Cpl. June 72-73 Launch and Recovery, Now living in Corsicana, Texas working for Raytheon.

Ted St Martin Sgt at the the time. Trc- 97 multicahnnel  Radio Chief.  Can't remember the time frame but I was there the last year. I helped close the base.I ended up staying in for 28 years and retired in Feb 96 1996.  Worked for Calif Dept of Corrections and retired 1 Jan 2006. Now living in Elk Grove Calif.I do have pic of the base from the tower.

SOUTHMAYD, John O. GySgt-AdminChief VMFA 232. 1972-73.  I remember GySgt Hodder, SgtMaj Jim Chapman, CO Maag, XO's Albright & McFall and ofcourse the S-l group. Want to say Semper Fi to them they were a great bunch, LCpl Korth, LCpl FaFontaine, LCpl Miller, LCpl Moses, Cpl Paulson, LCpl Briggs & last but not least PFC Oliver.
The Admin Officers were Capt Breuer (God Bless Him, I will never forget that day) and Capt Domina.
I retired as a 1stSgt of "B" Co, 1stBn, 1stMar CamPen in 1979.
Retired from the Sheriff Dept in Vancouver, WA 1999.  I now live in Ocean Park, Wa and my hobbies are Salmon fishing, Golf & woodworking.
Like to hear from Marines I was with in Nam Phong.  It was a great tour and I will never forget the good times there. " Semper Fi"

Starbuck, Joe, Cpl Wpns Tech VMFA-115, was called "Junior."  After helping open Rose Garden, rotated back in country on turnaround crew.  Remember we were promised Subic Bay?  Rrrrr!  5 children, 7 grandchildren, residing in Tennessee.  Work Email, home Email Miss all of you.

Steele, Dave I served in Nam Phong from 1972 - 1973 in MAG 15, H&MS 15, Ordnance. I lived in the original tent city until we got he bomb dump set up and then moved out to the bomb dump. I was promoted to Sgt just before I left and returned stateside. I retired from the Marine Corps in March of 1990 as a Master Sergeant. I am currently a police Sergeant in Portland, Oregon. e-mail

Steve Schwichtenberg

Stubbs, Bruce VMA 533 com/nav Graduated to base services (Thai garbage truck) sometime early "72"

Settles, Charles L. PFC USMC, MABS-15, Base Operations, May 73 - Sep 73.  Currently live in Liverpool, Texas.  Retired              MSgt, USMC.

Shearhart Robert CE2 USN MCB 5  Bravo Company ,   452486 E 321 RD,   Afton, Oklahoma 74331 ,  Rick, H.  John F.  Dick M.  Andy.  any of the mcb5 guys would like to know what happened to them.  Thanks,  bob

Scheppard, M. G.  Cpl. 3RD Marine Air Wing Power plant mechanic/flight -line  Spring '72  Task Force Delta

Smith,James C. Jr. (JC)  ,Cpl.,VMFA-232, Avionics (com/nav/ident/ECM),Rose Garden/Danang Aug. '72-Apr '73. I now Live in Winchester,TN.

Smith, Scott  USMC E-4, H&MS  15 Avionics, Com/Nav, Sept. 72-Sept. 73,Currently resides in Hawthorne, Florida,             

Smith, Victor H. - then LT ChC, USN - was chaplain just after the
move to Nam Phong, during which the chapel was built. Served with Fr.
Jim VonMeysenbug.  This was the first tour of duty following Navy
Chaplains School - baptism by fire.  Troops established a rose garden
in front of the chapel.  They also capped the chapel with an immense
cross they painted white.  Gary, one of our chaplain's assistants,
(Stormes was another) was able to get broken-down staff "vehicles"
for the chaplain, put them back in good running condition, and then
have them taken back to the motor pool after they were running well.
We had a couple of jeeps after a bread van, a PC and a six-by among
other things.  And Gary painted the chapel, helped put in our
library, and drove us to the orphanage at Khon Kaen.  We had a good
retreat in Chiang Mai where Jim Conklin, American Baptist missionary,
showed us about his work in northwest Thailand.  I especially
remember running outside, towel and soap in hand, hoping the rain
would not stop before the soap was off; the screened heads (except
for the pink one especially for one particular singing group from
Utah - who were fascinated by the showering habits of the troops --
"Where are the binoculars?"); and staying up late to help troops call
home on an Army-sponsored MARS patch AB9USA.  I remember watching the
contrails slowly whiten the blue sky on Christmas, and the B-52s
trying to return that night, many not making it; others just barely
on our field. And Redd Foxx who came on his own nickel with Dolores
and her husband to Nam Phong (rhymes with ping pong) and the Miss
America crew!) because of our Heavy Junk folks' naming of their yard
after his show, Sanford & Son.  And the orange-red dirt that still is
lodged in my hymnal.  And the lessons on how to be more effective as
a chaplain that carried me well during my 30 year career.   Retired
to Williamsburg, VA.  As Col. Talbert used to say, "These were the
good old days."

Robert "Bobby' Solt.  H&MS 15 Test Equipment.  November 72-November 73.  Living in Palmerton, Pa.

Soucy, Barton, Sgt, Telephone Switch Tech, Task Force Delta (MACS-18) - When the C5 with the advanced party for Task Force Delta touched down at Nam Phong in March '72 (?) there didn't seem to be a Marine in sight (brought 4 fire trucks and a couple of comm vans but can't remember if the cable truck that brought down the C141 came with or later).  Someone (US Army or Thai Special Forces types?) showed us a hanger where wooden bunks were stacked to the ceiling 18" apart awaited us.  The word we had was that this isolated runway left over from when the French thought they owned this part of the world and one or two buildings would be the beginning of the pull out of the Marine Air components from Nam and Operation Rose Garden was underway.

Sowa, Tim with MABS-15 (MOS 1142) utilities, generator section. I was TAD from MAG- 36 from Futima. I got there about Jun 14th and left Dec.27.  I lived in Glendive MT for 18 years and met Pat Atwell with (115) and Bob Neshiem (533) there Not bad for a town of 5000. I now live in Helena, Mt. email

Spencer,Bryan L. (Spence) L/Cpl H&MS-15 WC 650  SACE Shop IMA repair ASQ-61 Ballistic/Navigation Computer (A large part of what made the A-6 as cool as it was) Still in electronics.  Live in East Texas.  47years old.  Married +26 years          

Spencer, David R., Sgt, USMC, 1970-1976.  I was at the Rose Garden from June 72 through May 73, with Task Force Delta, H&MS-15 Avionics, Electric shop, MOS 6638. Now live in  Nevada City, CA.  SEMPER FI

 Spicer, William C.  Served with VMA(AW) 533 Ordnance at Iwakuni and the Rose Garden from April '72 to April '73.  Live in Casco Township, Michigan .

Stokes, Jim  LCPL June 73 till the pull out, Worked at Mobile Calibration Complex 1 Calibration tech


Stearns,Tom,  L/Cpl  AKA "Snake" , VMFA 115 Flight Line....Plane Capt thru out my tour Arrived at the Rose Garden in the spring of 73 , then we pulled out in the summer, and off to PI.. and eventually Naha, and Iwakuni <Japan.  Concluded my hitch at Yuma Arizona..MCAS Yuma......Living in Bark River, Michigan...the U.P. upper penninsula.Career as a Union Boilermaker  Local 107 out of Wisconsin. Paul Goulding!! where the hell did you get off to????? call me............906 786 8586

STEELE, Philip J. Sgt., H&S Co., 3rd Mar. Div., Logistical Support Group - Delta, Data Processing Platoon 25. I was at the ROse Garden, Nam Phong, Thailand from September of 1972 until we torated back in to Okinawa in late August of 1973. Before that I was at Marine Corps Supply Center Albany, Georgia for 2 1/2 years. I live in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I can be reached at

Stephens, Randall I. SGT. served with H&MS-15 GSE in Nam Phong from June to September 1973.  Now living in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Stormes, Russell J.  LCPL  MABS 15 Motor Transport Refueler.Iwakuni Dec 71 to Mar 72  Okinawa Mar 72 to Apr.72 Rose Garden Apr.72 to Nov 72. Currently live in Millville, NJ. Semi-retired doing newspaper home delivery.Thanks for the memories!   Russell .

SSGT Tom Strait Cryogenics May 72-Oct72 currently living Muskegon, Mi retired postal employee

Streu, Charles (Fugly) VMA(AW)-533 Fire Control Iwakuni July 72 to Nam Phong July 73 Living in Michigan still alive and well.Midwest Region Director Yellow Back Barking Cobra Club  Contact

Strohecker, Dick, MATCU-62, SSGT,  arrived at the Rose garden in fall of 72 stayed till fall of 73 would like to hear from friends made there. email


Swanson, Eric  Cpl. from Iwakuni with first group to set up base in May 72.  Rotated to Cherry Pt in Feb. 73.  Should have extended overseas duty.  Spent many nights in hangars until we had the first batch of tents set up.  Was assigned to H&MS 15/ 620, but spent majority of time doing security work as sniper. Most memorable times involved Cheron and Paradise Hotels.  What a place!!  OOHRAH  Now live in Davenport, IA.  CICABNJY@AOL.COM

My name is John T. Swanson  "Swanny" as I was known by. I was at the rose garden from june 72  to march 73  with com/nav h&ms 13. It was good duty ,met alot of good marines. Made E5 and returned to cherry pt. got out in 74. Look forward to hearing from other marines that served there. A highlight was the bob hope show. semper fi ! Please e-mail me back at this address

Chuck Sweeny - Major ret - was a member of MAG 12, Det "C" in Iwakuni in support of VMFA-232 in Namponh thailanf from September 73 to Januray 75.
Was asigned by Maj Gen Lang to provide OCS training and monitoring to a Marine from Namphong and Dannang with special ties to the US. This Marine is Cliff Somerville, from Michigan promoted to 1st LT late 74. Trying to find Cliff to see what he has been doing since our last BLT and being loaded at LasVegas club after his commission. Cliff remember Junko - we both want to hear from you. You got my cluster of gold and I always knew you would. email me at and if possible we need to get together for a good cigar and your favorite Rum and Ginger Ale. -


Tagmyer, John (Tag) Sgt. H&MS-15 from June 72 until rotating out in May 73. Avionics complex W/C-610 Con/Nav. Did a few TDY's to Bien Hoa and PI while at the RG. Remember most the arrival at night, sleeping wherever you could, C-rats until we finally got the trash can kitchen between the hangars set up, rain showers and the good ole "clapshack" morning shot line. When we did get into tents thought we had the world by the ass, with cots yet! Oh yeah, red mud a foot thick.

Tashjian, Bob,  Col USMC(RET)  I left MAC V Headquarters on 23 March 1973,checked in with CG 3 MAW and was immediately banished to the Rose garden as G-4. Swing with the Wing was a term we Grunts had heard many times,but what a rude awakening! I did however, have the pleasure of meeting some wonderful Marines. I retired to our farm in Western Kentucky in 1980 where we raise beef cattle and train Field Trial Birddogs for the public.Semper Fi  

Taylor Jr. Donald A. Cpl., August 72 - July 73, MAG-15 Group Supply, (AWP - Awaiting Parts), Rec'd Meritorious Mast for reducing the number of components needing parts from over 400 to less then 250.  I gave my life to Christ in 1977, while still in the Marines.  I've been a Pastor of a local church for 26 years.  I've been living and ministering in Honolulu, Hawaii since 1989.  After leading a woman Marine to Christ, I married her.  We've been married nearly 31 years.  Aloha and Semper Fidelis!

Teets, Glen Sgt H&MS-15 Avionics WC-630 (6659) & WC-690 (6640) Got there in Oct 72 left in Sept 73. Did not Rain untill March/ April. When first storm hit had to shut down everything. It was like being is a sub & it was sinking. Remember walking over to the Showers by the First Aid Station had a large Metal Water tank. Hot & Cold Showers. Hot in the evening, cold in the morning

LCPL STEVEN TETZLAFF.  Arrived June 1973 Attached to VMFA-232 (RED DEVILS)   Squad Mail Man and clerk        

 Tew, Ken, Sgt , Aircraft Welder H&MS 15 < Went from Iwakuni to Nam Phong in April 72 , until August 72 Currently Cattle Rancher In Baker City, Oregon

LCPL Steven Tetzlaff.  Served in the Rose Garden with VMFA-232 from April 73 until we packed up and left for the PI.  If I remember right it was either aug73  or Sept73.   Remington raider\Mailman for VMFA-232.  Would love to get on the list with the rest of the jar heads.  I now work for the Dept Corrections in Wisconsin. Email.

I am writing to you again asking to have my Dad, retired Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Thayer added to the Roster.  He was Sgt. Maj. of the Rose Garden when the CO was Maj. R. N. Patrick and the XO was Maj. J. P. Stienon.  He was there from January 1972 to February 1973 with H&MS 15, 3rd Marines.  I would love to hear from anyone who knew him them as he has passed and is now buried at Quantico National Cemetery.  I am his only daughter and he never talked about his overseas experiences with me.  I would like to know more of the man who was the greatest father to be had and, to me, the epitome of The Few, The Proud.  He served 30 years and retired as a Sgt. Maj.  We continue to fly the Marine Corps flag at our house, in his memory and in gratefulness to those served and continue to serve, and will do so until the day I die.
Semper Fi from a Marine's only daughter,
Cinde Thayer Iacovacci
Fredericksburg, VA 22407


Thomas, James D. Cpl.  I was in VMA(AW)-533 Ground Support Equipment(A.K.A.Tiny 3)
June 1972 to June 1973 Currently living in Leonard, Texas.  Can be reached
Thompson , William A., Cpl. USMC Airwing, TOS Oct '69-'73. Was with VMFA-232 (Jan '71-'72) Comm/Nav/ECM/Crypto when we went TAD to "parts unknown" from Iwakuni with a flack jacket, a rifle, and 3 rounds. Arrived 4 days later to "parts unknown" and was locked up in barracks after a clandestine night arrival to our destination. Later that night when we ware attacked our NCOIC yelled "Welcome to DaNang" as he unlocked the room where our rifles had been "stored". Was ordered to another "parts unknown" destination with the first group of Marines from the Wing to go to Nam Phong .. via helicopter. If I remember correctly ... we set up our own tent, had no "showers" ... not even buffalos, and chow was cold from a can packed at about the time I was born. Living conditions got better ... but other conditions got worse. If you remember the "Meat Gazzers", the Cliff Sommerville incident, Bob Schulteis, the "turn around crew detail" that ended up in Yokoda, and tricky Dicky's interest in us ... you know me.

Thomsen, Gordie (Gorgon), , Cpl, VMA-AW-533, Fire Control, Rose Garden Jun '72-Jan '73, Grand Prairie TX

Timmen, Dow, , Cpl, VMGR-152, Nam Phong May 72-73.

Dow V. Timmen Aviation Security Inspector Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration San Francisco International Airport

Phone: (650) 745-2193
Fax: (650) 635-7450

Townsend, Patrick, ,Cpl., VMGR-152, 6016, Flight Line / 1st Mech. 15june72 - 1sept72 & then another detachment latter (?)... Alot of good memories, alot of hours, took flights to get sleep!

Tucker Mark S, Ssgt, VMFA 232 metal shop Nov 72 thru Sep 73 now with CSX Transportation living in Jacksonville FL  

Troxell, Jim, L/cpl. We deployed from Iwakuni pretty early.  The tents were up but not much else.Worked with MCC-1, and got to drive that White jeep a few times.  I remember the Air Force guys passing thru that got sub standard housing allowances while I was getting TAD pay.  Will never forget the 55 gallon showers and the smell of the burning shitters.   I can be reached at:   Semper Fi


Wright, GI, Cpl. --Ziggy-- VMFA 232--RADAR


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