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Valdovinos, Michael L. (Val) Sgt. H&MS 15 Avionics Com/Nav worked on Tacanís and radioís Currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

vanEsselstyn, David, 1/Lt VMFA-115 April 1973 until the end.  RIO to the XO, "Rat" Cooper and to Bob "Maddog" Maddocks.  Schedules Officer and Ground training.  Thanks for the web site!

Vath, William R., Sgt, H&MS-15 GSE (6078) Nam Phong Jul 73 to Sep 73. Currently live in Cincinnati, OH

Vigliante Gene, GySgt (ret).Was one of the first Marines in Nam Phong in '72.   Served in Security Bn.  Was a Thai linguist.  Set up Thai Security Guard detachment, and worked as liaison between TSG's and Security Bn.  Major Campenelli was C.O., and Capt. Reynolds was X.O.  If memory serves me correctly, Peter Pace, now Lt. General, was a 2dLt. in Security Bn.  My e-mail is  .  Semper-Fi.

Vincent, Dale   Cpl but Lcpl at the time of I was in Nam Phong. I was with H&MS-15 GSE shop.  I went from Iwakuni, Japan to the Rose Garden at the end of July or first part of August 1972.  I worked on the gas turbines units mostly. I lived in one of the hardback tents behind the mess hall.  The first night I got there they showed a movie on the outside wall of the mess hall.  Halfway through the movie the stand holding the projector fell over in the mud.  That was the last movie I saw at Nam Phong.  I remember having dysentery really bad.  I had dysentery for years after I got back to the world. About 30 days after I got to Nam Phong I was sent back to Iwakuni to pull guard duty.  They  didn't want me on guard duty because I had my arm in a cast.  I went to sick bay to have the corpsman put a new cast on my arm before going back to Nam Phong.  The corpsman made me see a doctor who med-evaced me to Oak Knoll Naval hospital in Oakland, California.  After surgery and 10 months in and out of Oak Knoll, the Marine Corps told me I was broken and they didn't want me anymore so they sent a home. I currently live in Salem, Oregon.  I retired last year (disability retirement) from the State of Oregon Employment Department, where I worked as a Veterans Representative.

Wall, Garrette A, Sgt VMA AW 533 fire control, now in Michigan Guard, living in Wisconsin    email 

Walsh, Augustus F. aka Auggie Mag15 Carpenter shop March 72 to April 73 Currently living in Somerville  MA.

Ward, Richard K. "Dick"(Tricky).VMFA 232 Phantom Phlyer.  Was surfing the net for some other USMC related issues and happend on this site......... sort of spooky to see those wet tents again.  Keep up the search for Rose Garden vets: the older I get the more I miss every single Jarhead I ever served with.  There are no finer men on earth!

Warren, Ronald E. (Ron) MSgt USMC 1971-1992, MABS-15 Communications, E-5 1972-1973, currently resides in Annapolis Missouri.  email 

 Wanser, Bones  Cpl.    Ammo platoon  Out at the Dump  I was that Skinny bastard in the office you had to deal with to get your bombs!!!!  was there from the get go when the second truck load of 500 pounders arrived! mailto:

Otis Webster,GYSGT ret. VMFA-232 Hyd shop. I was in the advanced party to help build up our new home. We built the first tent city and turned the old Thi bks. into work spaces and living quarters. Then came the laying of the matting. Donít forget our evening showers when the rain clouds came by. We all worked hard and made the best of it. I would do it all over again as long it was with the same Marines. I donít know how the new generation of Marines would react with old Jarheads LOL.  I am now living in North Carolina and work for the Department of Correction. My brothers take care and Semper Fi. e-mail

Welch,Mike Sec. Elem. Nam Phong Thailand. From start to finish. I was there all the time. I was only a PFC and did not get any higher than that. I now live in Laurel Mt. My e-mail address is Anyone sends me mail I will be more than happy to send some back. Sempi Fi Marines. It was some of my best times in the Corps in the Rose Garden.

Wells, Richard ,  Worked in Bomb Dump in Nam Phong , Las Vegas, Nevada

Westford, Dale Cpl (Eventually made Sgt.) H&MS-15 Comm/Nav Shop, I also worked for awhile in the Bomb Rack shop, Mess duty, Guard duty. Now in Seattle, WA email:

Weymouth, John H. Sgt VMA  AW  533 Flight Line now living in Kenosha, WI  email:

White, H Ronald Cpl. I was at the "Rose Garden" from June 72- June 73. H&MS-15 SACE  I remember the night I landed there. All we could see from the air was flares going off. The pilot told us to exit the 130 at the end of the runway as he turned around because he was not staying. It was a long dark walk to the hooch area. Heat and dirt and long hours. I now live in Iowa City, Iowa and work for the Dept. of

Wheeldon, Don,  MSGT VMA AW 533 CHECK CREW/QC JUNE72 APR73 live in Rushville IN. E MAIL  

WILSON, Eugene Richard PFC USMC While Stationed at Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan. In the Fall of 1972 I was attached to Sub Unit One, 3rdFSR, Task Force Delta for duty as a Admin Clerk at The Garden.  Our Admin Chief was SSgt Huntsinger and OIC was Capt Kirkchestner.
Upon rotating back to the States, I spent the next three years in the Brig at MCAS El Toro, California as a Guard.  Unfortunately, I was reacquainted with to many fellow Rose Garden survivors be detained by the 3rd Marine Air Wing.  Fortunately, I was able to descreatly cut them a huss with some eazy duty during their stay at the Cross Bar Hotel at building 54. 
My next assignement was Recruiting Duty in Tulsa, Oklahoma from 1976 - 1978. I actually almost started to get home sick for my old CP Tent compared to the Grid of Beating the Bush for New Recruits to make my quota each month.
Currently, I have published a book containing the complete history of the  "U. S. Marine Corps Unit insignia in Vietnam 1961-1975", including eight pages of full color patches from MCAS Nam Phong.  I can be reached at


White, David, W. (Rock) LCPL VMA(AW)533 Admin
Jun 72-Feb 73 Currently living in Littleton CO

White HW (Butch) Pvt. June 73 to Sept 73 Nam Phong Security Element Rotated to 2/4 th Marines Okinawa S-2 Sniper program after Nam Phong 74 rotated to 2/6th Marines in Camp Lejuene N.C. S-2 Sniper H&S 2/6 until 1976. Currently living in Spokane Wa.

White, William PFC USMC Task Force Delta, June 72 - Oct 72.  I am the Marine who set-off the pop up that was told in another story of a new arrival to the Rose Garden.  

Wisner, John I was at Nam Pong from February 1973 until September 1973.  I was a private and worked communication/base security.  When I got there I was assigned to the K-9 patrol, and did that job the entire time. I lived in the same area as the MPs, although I wasn't an MP. I left the USMC in 1976, as an E-5 Sgt.


 Witek, Rich, Sgt, MAG-15 Group S-1, was a member of the advanced party Apr/May72, Retired as a MSGT in 1986,

 Wood, Gregory A. Sgt USMC H&MS 15 LOX Plant rotated to Nam Phong from DaNang from Iwakuni in 1972 rotated back to Cherry Point, N.C. Never went back but I think I was scared of the Jungle babes (hehe) and of course the Ant Trees.  Semper Fi ,Bev and Greg Wood

Wood, William, MGySgt, 5959 Air Traffic Control Maintenance Chief. I was stationed at the Rose Garden Mar 73-Aug73 as a Cpl, RADAR Tech,  with MATCU-62.  Retired in 1996, now living in Central Michigan.  Can be reached at  Long live the Paradise Hotel!!!!!!!  Semper Fi!!


Wooten, Michael  L/Cpl & Cpl. VMFA 232 Hydraulics Shop. Arrived in Nam Phong in October 1972 and left in 1973 after we had been transferred to Subic. We in our shop referred to our squadron as "VMFA 230-Screw". I got out of the Marine Corps in 1975 and made a career in law enforcement in Birmingham, Alabama - now retired and living in Alabaster, AL. My email address is

York, Jon C., Capt., H&MS-15 OpsO, Feb. 1973 'till the pullout, currently Cantonment, FL.,


Youngblood, Theodore A. (Pete) 1st Lt. USMC (Not sure of the dates).  Motor Transport Officer.  Retired Capt. Deceased: 1995 Submitted by TSgt Jerry Youngblood USAF


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